Micromax Smarty A25 - A good entry level choice?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phone Buying Advice' started by DarkAngel, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. DarkAngel

    DarkAngel Well-Known Member

    Want to gift my cousin a phone. Budget: 3k
    Gone through all the video reviews and pretty satisfied with the specs, build for the price.

    The 2.8" QVGA is decent and the MTK6575 makes the UI seem extremely fluid.
    There are even videos of the phone playing temple run which is pretty impressive.
    I know that it doesn't have 3G, GPS etc... But he is in the 1st year of college and his previous phone was a Onida feature phone.

    My queries are:
    1. Does whatsapp works fine with the phone? Does temple run stutter once you reach high speed level (Say 1 million+ or 3000 meters+ ?)
    2. Is there any other quality issues that the phone is suffering from?
    3. How bad is the drop in performance after installing a few apps?

    It would be extremely useful for A25 owners or ones who know people with A25 to comment on the above queries. TIA :)
  2. doom2010

    doom2010 Active Member

    I can only tell u the first query - whatsapp is not working...
  3. comp@ddict

    comp@ddict Well-Known Member

    There are more options within that price range of under 5k. The Karbonn A15 is one of them. Better phone.
  4. DarkAngel

    DarkAngel Well-Known Member

    Boss budget is 3k. Cheapest Karbonn A15 is about ~5.5k.
  5. 2kool2btrue

    2kool2btrue Active Member

    I don't have a first hand experience with an A25 but from what I've read, I can confirm that whatsapp or gtalk, indeed, does not work on this phone(OOB at least).. Maybe, you need to spend a little more in order to get a better handset..
  6. comp@ddict

    comp@ddict Well-Known Member

  7. DarkAngel

    DarkAngel Well-Known Member

    Guys I know about handsets in the higher price range. My budget it fixed @ 3k. One can keep on spending more for a better handsets. I have clearly mentioned what information I require in the 1st post. I need hands on experience of users and thats that.
    Please don't recommend a phone that's above 3.5k. The purpose of the thread is to know whether the A25 is as good to use practically as the reviews state they are and not for recommendations that are above the budget.

    - - - Updated - - -

    For eg., may be the Spice Stellar Buddy Mi-315 which was just released but no reviews. Might consider that as alternative. But not 3.5k+ phones. Budget is fixed.

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