Micromax A110 Canvas 2 - Value for money Five inch droid .

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    Till a year back Android phones under ten thousand rupees used to disappoint big-time because of the smaller and low quality screens and low powered single core processors. Micromax and Karbonn addressed the screen quality issues with their models like A100 , A9 etc . They were single core devices and A100 was a model to offer a good quality five inch screen, which was never seen in a 10k device . But there were many reliability issues reported by the users. To address these issues Micromax has brought a improved model 'A110' which features a 5 inch touch screen and powered by a 1ghz dual core processor running ice cream sandwich version of android.



    This phone is based on Mediateck 6577 which is a dual core clocked at 1ghz and PowerVR SGX 531 GPU. Ram is 512 of which 225 is available to user. Internal SD card is around 2gb you can add additional memory with a micro SD card . A110 supports dual sims and video calling. A110 is powered by a 2000mah battery Display is 5inch IPS LCD touch screen with a resolution of 480x854 pixel.

    Screen and Interface performance.
    First thing you notice is the large 5 inch IPS screen which is bright and vivid (a bit over saturated though). l. Its nice in this price bracket and can even compared with devices costing double its price . Being an IPS screen the viewing angle is good. This comes handy when you watch some movies laying in a bed or couch. If you are not used to those Amoled screens of Samsung note or s2, Micromax A110 won’t disappoint you at all . Touch sensitivity is smooth the screen run fluid without any lags.

    In Call performance
    Call sound quality is good for both caller and receiver and it dint drop any calls .Network reception is also good.

    Software performance


    A110 comes with almost stock ICS with bit of Micromax flavor .Loading of apps are very fast thanks to the dual core processor. Most of the apps run without a problem and you won’t find any lags. You can add apps from the Google play store .I tested commonly used apps like Whatsapp,Instagram, Facebook,Indian rail info,Google Chrome, Skype etc and they installs and run without any problem . Micromax has added many apps like hookup , some game demos are also available . Which I am not at all interested and there is no way to remove them.
    One of the issues with this set (actually an issue with the android os version) is the inability to move apps from inbuilt memory to external micro sd card . Which means that you have got only 2gb for installing apps which can be a big handicap for gamer after installing three or four high end games you won’t have any memory left . (Unofficial methods for addressing this issue are available but you need to root the device and do some manual configurations which may void the warranty )


    Since it’s a big phone one handed operation is bit difficult, you have to use both hands for typing. Although it’s big it fits in formal shirts pocket without much protrusion. it fits in jeans pocket (may be difficult in skin fit jeans)but difficult to get it out when you sit.

    Size comparison

    Micromax A110 Vs Samsung galaxy y

    Micromax A110 Vs Samsung galaxy R




    The 8 megapixel rear camera offers above average results in outdoors when sufficient light is available. But pathetic in indoors, the LED flash is useless. Camera auto focuses well and touch to focus works fine . With some tweaking in settings you can capture good photos in well lit conditions. Since the phone screen is bit over saturated you may find pics to be vibrant but it loses the punch when seen in computer monitor.
    It can record HD videos at 720 video quality is ok outdoors, indoors it has a problem with white balance color go haywire if you shoot videos under florescent light .
    Rear cam is 0.3mp ok for video calls

    Camera samples



    Camera Comparison with Galaxy R . Although its unfair to compare it with galaxy R which used to retail for twice A110s price ,but it produce decent results


    Its a bit under saturated compared with Galaxy Rs images . But you can boost it to get good result using tweaks in the camera settings or a program like Picasa

    Pic straight from A110 rear camera


    same image after processing


    Camera app features panorama mode which is easy to use.


    It can run most of the media formats , 720p videos run smoothly and it can play 1080 but some frame loss is noticed .

    Games like angry birds , temple run run well although I haven’t tried many users have successfully run games like asphalt 6 and nfs . the comparatively low amount of RAM may be an issue running HD games . I will check some more games and update .



    1. Huge clear and vivid screen with good viewing angle
    2. Good built quality
    3. Smooth interface
    4. Fast loading and running of apps
    5. Led indicator for notifications
    6. Fast 3g and 2g speeds
    7. good browsing experience with chrome browser

    1. you cannot move apps to external sd card
    2. difficult to use with one hand
    3. gpu and meorry is not sufficient to run graphice intensive hd games
    4. no magnetic and light sensor
    5. heats a bit under prolonged 3g downloads

    Micromax offers big bang for the buck , for Rs 9999 (I paid rs.9700) it’s a great phone. It’s a nice experience to watch videos and browsing net on its big screen . also offers smooth performance of apps . it may not satisfy high end gamer but any thing under 15k you won’t get better performance . if you want to enjoy smart phone experience and don’t want to spent more than 15k you don’t have to look any ware else micromax a110 is the phone for you.

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  3. manu1991

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    If only they had put in 1GB RAM.
  4. madhukannan

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    i dont think 1GB RAM is required for all smart phone users, most of the commonly used apps and interface run smooth, yes its required for high end games .
  5. manu1991

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    IDK. When running facebook and twitter in the background with sync on, gmail and tapatalk syncing in the background, whatsapp running in the background and say music player running, 512mb is painfully low in my experience. Of course, YMMV.
  6. aquaticbullet

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    very professionally written.Repped.:angel:
    Kudos :).
    For 1080p have you tried rock player/mx player ??
  7. YashBhatt

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    Nice Review mate :)
  8. aradhakr84

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    Thank you for an excellent review of MMX A110... I myself wanted to see how this handsets perform given the price range and hardware it sports... Sounds decent and also vfm.... Good going....
  9. GuruGulabKhatri

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    Great review Mate.I was confused between this and Spice horizon
  10. Nalin

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    Very good review mate ,i miss the benchmarks though :p
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    Good review, helps a lot in decision making

    thanks for all the efforts and the hard work
  12. damn

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    Dude!! You gotta give me more info, how exactly does this app work?
  13. madhukannan

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    Manu i have tried it with facbook,gmail,whtsapp,skype running in background its fine .

    - - - Updated - - -

    i used mx player , will try rockplayer

    - - - Updated - - -

    its similar to whatsapp but with sms integrated , i dont know whether its chargeable ,
  14. aradhakr84

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    The phone also looks good design wise and not as ugly as Micromax A85 super phone which was a disaster from the get go... This one really has potential for many android users who do not care about gaming... Movie playback wise, it is sufficient for most of the users.... But I do not know how it compares with Karbonn A21 which seems to have a decent qualcomm processor compared to mediatek and also slightly better gpu with same pricing....
  15. madhukannan

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    i have to try benchmarks , right now i used up most my 3g quota for this month so no more download of apps :), trying to set up wifi at home i will post them after installing AnTuTu and Quadrant.

    - - - Updated - - -

    A21 offers good features but lacks free RAM ,
  16. damn

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    Messaging? Awh damn, I had totally different expectations.
  17. Gryph0n

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    Great review.

    Does the product or its manuals give any safety related information (SAR Rating) ?
  18. madhukannan

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    According to the product inlay the highest SAR value is 0.679 W/kg
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    Excellent phone I say. But I'm really waiting for a FLAGSHIP like smartphone from these companies to push them forward even further.

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