Looking for a Router(with built in modem) for VOIP and Gaming.

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  1. Sobirvs

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    So need a router with built in modem (rj45 only not telephone line port)

    Currently I am using an entry level netgear with excitel and it's giving me pain for VOIP calls (whatsapp/skype/SIP) and gaming with PS4(with LAN).

    * Coverage is not a problem as it is needed for one small living room.
    * Excitel is moving to fiber soon and hathway already is , so a router which can support fiber and Ethernet WAN both will be atleast future proof
    * latency should be least. I will be playing only fifa 18 on PS4 multiplayer over PSN so need rock stable connection.
    * 2.4GHz and 5GHz should both be supported.
    * Should support excitel and hathway connections.

    most imp is lag free gaming and voip.
  2. vivek.krishnan

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    Would suggest to get a modem and put in bridge mode, will support any decent router of choice. For fiber, they usually use GPON, the same router can be used then.

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