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Discussion in 'Auto Zone' started by Mohit, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Mohit

    Mohit Well-Known Member

    Finally I will be getting my bike next week. I was looking for a good helmet for it. I have never used a helmet before as it was not compulsory at my native place. I think AGV is the best brand out there if I am not wrong. I am basically looking for something comfortable and durable for long city rides mostly.

    Please suggest which series from AGV should I consider and the approximate prices of the same. If you can also tell me where to buy them in Bangalore, it will be of great help :) as I am new here.

    So here is what I exactly need,

    My bike: Yamaha RX135 (5 Speed)

    Budget: 2-2.5k (I hope this is enough)

    Purpose: Mostly for city biking

    Also give details about the warranty and different sizes and all. AGV does not have any official distributor/retailer in India it seems :ashamed:
  2. rishabh.asthana

    rishabh.asthana Active Member

    hey metro have some good collection of helmets if ya want i can take ya there for the buy they are cheaper then the other stuff too
  3. Mohit

    Mohit Well-Known Member

    ^^Thanks Rishabh. Where is Metro? And does it stock AGV and all? And of course we can go together man :D
  4. rishabh.asthana

    rishabh.asthana Active Member

    for me nearest one is at kanakpura road near banshankri...saw some cool helmets there never checked out the brands though...metro is a place where shoppers shop and its german so they should keep good brands there...yah if ya can come this sunday or saturday evening then i can go with ya :)
  5. Mohit

    Mohit Well-Known Member

    ^^Oh ok. Metro requires a card and all I think. You have it? We can go together then :D

    By the way, I stay very near to Forum and I don't know much about Bangalore.
  6. rishabh.asthana

    rishabh.asthana Active Member

    go to silk board cross from forum there take right towards jp nagar keep following that road (ask anyone for direction for kanakpura road or banshankri) when you reach banshankri ask anyone for metro :) i would pm ya my number :)
  7. Punker

    Punker Well-Known Member

    Hey sry 4 jumping into yur thread but i also want helmet which will suite my R15........budget 3 to 3.5 k.......plz suggest.....
  8. hemi

    hemi Member

    There are plenty of helmet shops Lal bagh main road,near urvashi theater.

    They stock AGV(mfd by MPA)GPR and GP1.Try to bargain a bit.

    There is one big helmet store on that road called balaji traders(can't remember the name properly)He has some really good stuff,but,the shop owner is v.annoying
  9. Nikhil

    Nikhil Well-Known Member

    Exactly my experience. Good collection. Owner is damn annoying. You need to bargain a lot!!

    He doesnt stock AGVs. I wanted AGV and he was insisting I buy a GPR. In the end I bought an AGV but I would have been better off buying a GPR.
  10. salluks

    salluks Active Member

    one big problem with helmets is the wiser

    try searching for helmets with good wiser clams, once they become lose ull have a tough time!
  11. Mohit

    Mohit Well-Known Member

    ^^Can somebody give me the official link to the GPR website? And which series from AGV or GPR should I buy?


    Which series did you buy and for how much? Any warranty?
  12. Nikhil

    Nikhil Well-Known Member

    Please PM Bikey and Sunny.

    Sunny has an AGV which looks very similar to mine(onbly difference is I have a dark visor and he has a clear one). The quality on his helmet is so much more superior to the one I have. I got a lemon. Or a fake.

    It's so pathetic.
  13. Saiyan

    Saiyan The L33t Admeen
    Super Mod

    btw, mohit get a helmet with clear visor and also a sun glass. So that in the dark you ride with your visor closed without any trouble. Just my opinion. (i can't ride with the visor opened for a long time :lol:)
  14. Mohit

    Mohit Well-Known Member

    Will PM Bikey boi and Sunny boi :p and ya I am looking for one with a clear visor. Don't like the dark ones.
  15. Nikhil

    Nikhil Well-Known Member

    Even with a clear visor, you cant ride comfortable in the dark. I had an old helmet and for that I specially bought a clear visor so I could use the clear visor when it was dark.

    Problem is, the glare from oncoming headlights creates stars on the visor. It is not clear at all.

    My personal opinion.
  16. Styx

    Styx Well-Known Member

    ^^To cope with that you can use an anti-glare visor but it would set you back by ~1200 bucks.
  17. cool_cat

    cool_cat Active Member


    BIKeINSTEIN Well-Known Member

    Mohit -
    Old guy, same old gibberish/rant.
    Read it here>

    VISOR. :)
    wiser now?? :p
    +100. :p
    A dark or even tinted visor can obscure so many objects in a dark/dimly lit area.
    You can miss a bend in an unfamiliar area.
    And at times, even big vehicles parked on the shoulder of a road can be almost invisible. :no:
    Epecially when at decent speeds and the FOV is small.

    There was a very mild brownish-yellowish tinted, anti-reflective visor in Bieffe and AGV that i really liked- very rarely seen locally i have heard. :(
    Most "too cool" dudes like to hide their **** face behind the dark glass. :p

    Stars on the AGV??
    Either quality has gone down or fake. :(
    I didn't even have an issue with the flat visor on the Vega Streehawk. :p
    And Bieffe, AGV and MPA used curved, anti-reflective ones to even eliminate any possile optical aberrations.
    If some other cheapo brand, and u bought the visor from some local shop, those are made with cheap materials and not ocularly correct (forgetting the right word :ashamed: ).
    And Indian helmets bearing ISI mark is no gurantee of quality in India- afterall we are in India. :p
    The ones that used to adhere to norms pretty ok were MPA, Vega and the steelbird Bieffe ones- but in the higher price range.
  19. Nikhil

    Nikhil Well-Known Member

    Bikey, the clear visor was some local one. Vega.

    But my AGV sucks. Ask Sunny. The quality is so bad, it's shocking.

    BIKeINSTEIN Well-Known Member

    Sheesh- really sad to hear that.
    What all is bad- if you have the time to post.
    Will help everyone a lot if you and bunnysoi can do a comparo between his helmets and yours. :)
    Vega has lot of fakes (and maybe mostly fakes) since quite some years now or quality has dropped too much.
    Marked differences between Vega helmets bought at 2 different places by 2 pals some years back. :(
    And most replacement visors sold locally are fakes. :mad:
    Seems like i better drop the idea of getting one locally- i think i will have to coax some friend to get me a helmet and some replacement parts from the US. :eek:hyeah:

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