Looking for 32" and 40" LCD/LED Tv

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  1. Grim

    Grim Active Member

    I looking to buy one 32" TV and one 40" TV so need your expert advice on this and need it badly cause my dad is buying it tommo in Dubai Trip...
    Thank you looking... :)

    1. Budget.
    32" around - 30k and 40" around 40k (getting TV from Dubai - discount festival)

    2. Viewing distance.
    32" - 8-10 ft
    40" - 6-8 ft

    3. Sources/inputs such as HD DTH/consoles/stand-alone media players etc.
    DTH but will be upgrading to HD DTH after getting the TV

    4. Preference for plasma TV/LCD TV/LED-LCD TV.
    if it is good then can go for LCD Tv also

    5. Preference for brands.
    Any good brands will do. but still how about Samsung?

    6. Willing to purchase it from the grey market?
    Nope getting it from Dubai.

    7. Ambient lighting conditions of the room.
    Normal Sunlight (morning and noon), Tubelight in evening and night.

    8. Any other feature you are looking for such as 3D support on the HDTV, DLNA capabilities etc.
    not looking for any 3D support but if DLNA is present then its good if not also no worries...
  2. manu1991

    manu1991 Barely Alive

    Samsung 40ES5600. Got it for ~35k from Bangkok, presumably, prices would be similar there. No 3D but has smart TV features

    You can see Samsung 40EH5000 as well. Should be ~5k cheaper. No Smart TV stuff. and its not thin.
  3. OP

    Grim Active Member

    Thanks.. Let me see what i can get from there!!
  4. piper

    piper Diaper-daddy

    Avoid 40EH5000 if you need audio out (HT setup) as it does not have audio output (just one headphone jack, maybe).
  5. OP

    Grim Active Member

    Got Samsung - 32" EH4003 and Samsung 40" EH5000
    Hurry :yahoo:. Thanks guys...

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