Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110

Discussion in 'Show-Off' started by Radeon, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. Radeon

    Radeon Active Member

    Hey :D

    Got myself Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110, total damage was Rs. 3400/-

    Here are the pictures below: Enjoy! :D










    Hope you all like it, it's a very nice and elegant keyboard :)

    Best Regards,

  2. desiibond

    desiibond Well-Known Member

    awesome purchase. congrats buddy. btw, how comfortable is the keyboard?
  3. Gannu

    Gannu Unbanned

    Congrats! :D

    As for the pics to show up directly, click on the pic to show it fully on the screen, and then copy the link and paste it in the 'Insert Image' option.
  4. Sei

    Sei Well-Known Member

    Open the image i.e. the links you have given. Take the direct link mentioned on the right and paste it in the insert box.

    PS: Congrats on the keyboard!! :D
  5. Black_Hawk

    Black_Hawk Well-Known Member

    Very nice looking keyboard... Congrats! :)
  6. Radeon

    Radeon Active Member

    I used it for only installation purpose and check keys and colors etc. My first impression is the Keyboard is extremely good. Sei has also recently purchased G110, since I've used for even less than thirty minutes, all I can say I will never regret this purchase. In next six months I preparing, something really BIG! Hence, I'll purchase something new every month and keep you guys updated :D

    @Desibond, click on the following link, you'll get more information on the Keyboard, it was written by Sei.

  7. Sei

    Sei Well-Known Member

    ^ I'm getting really fond of the keyboard now after using it for a week. The best part: I've stored 3 different color shades in the 3 different profiles (keys on top left of the keyboard) and I keep cycling between them. Cheap thrills ftw! :D

    PS: It looks amazing with the Razer DA and Razer Goliathus Alpha I just bought. My geekiness meter has hit 100%! Amazing how gadgets (and peripherals in this case ) can make you feel a small kid again with a brand new toy! :)
  8. ragzdiablo

    ragzdiablo Well-Known Member

    Congrats..looks cool.. :)
  9. ankurshah

    ankurshah Active Member

    Looks Awesome man.Enjoy.
  10. Radeon

    Radeon Active Member

    Sie, which one is better? Razer DA or Razer Copper Head? I'm committed to RED Color only, also which mouse pad would you suggest? What do you have to say about RAZER Kabuto Gaming Mouse Pad?
  11. Sei

    Sei Well-Known Member

    Please don't go for the Copperhead... I've heard only bad things. Razer DA is the best there is with the now reduced price of 2250. No idea about Kabuto but Goliathus is working pretty good for me. :)
  12. Radeon

    Radeon Active Member

    Well, my theme is RED and BLACK for the entire computer setup, in coming months, I would have plenty of expensive things (even if I have to apply for loan of 1 Lac). I am probably getting AMD Spider Edition Cabinet next month from Phoenix or AMD RED Edition Case (Both Lian-Li) hence I need best and everything has to be in Black/Silver or RED only. Even I am getting computer desk on an order request with black ply

    What do you think of this mouse:

    RAZER Diamondback 3G Flame Red 1800dpi Infrared Gaming Mouse
  13. thegame

    thegame Active Member

    I have the normal Diamondback mouse (blue color) which i got in May 2008 for 2900 i guess and so far no issues and works great.. only time u get trouble is when the dust gets accumulated which u can clear with a blower apart from that no issues.. gaming rock solid...light weight and blue looks good at night :)
  14. Radeon

    Radeon Active Member

    How is the illumination? Is it bright enough? Can I expect the same with Flame Red Diamondback?
  15. thegame

    thegame Active Member

    Yes the illumination is really bright enough, hope it should be the same for Red also...
  16. CeDrIc

    CeDrIc Active Member

    Congrats buddy. Enjoy the fragging.
  17. dark.lord.rules

    dark.lord.rules Active Member

    the keyboard looks just amazing ... no way you'll regret that purchase !! congo mate !
  18. Radeon

    Radeon Active Member

    Thank you friends, this is indeed a wonderful keyboard.

    What options do I have if I have to choose a good Mouse that illuminates Red color (Blood Red, similar to Keyboard) and I need suggestions on the best mouse pad available. It should be only in Black/Grey or RED color.
  19. buddingwhizkid

    buddingwhizkid Active Member

    congoz ! my friend got it too ! i like the 3 different backlight option :)
  20. ViKiD

    ViKiD Active Member

    Great purchase!!

    Where did you buy it from?

    Im from NCR(NOIDA)

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