List your Top 5 favourite Programming tools/software

Discussion in 'Programming' started by bosky101, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. sonic414

    sonic414 New Member

    Eclipse for Java

    Dreamweaver or Notepad++ for php

    Eclipse for android

    vim in *nix :)
  2. ankychrist

    ankychrist Guest

    well my favorites are turbo c++,Dreamweaver,netbeans and vb 6
  3. Chid

    Chid New Member

    Programming Tools:

    Visual Studio 2008 / 2010
    MS SQL Server 2008
  4. AbDroid

    AbDroid New Member

    Programming tools:

    Textwrangler for html5 and C on Mac.
  5. sekharsomu

    sekharsomu Active Member

    for me that 5 are ..



    OEM grid console

    RMAN [​IMG]


    These are essentially the tools that made my proffesional life easy
  6. Aditya8277

    Aditya8277 New Member

    Dreamwaver, Coffee Cup Editors, Ecllipse, Textpad, Visula Studio..
  7. random2

    random2 Well-Known Member

    Right now -

    Eclipse with PyDev or Geany - IDE/Editors - badly want to get better at vi so that I start using it for real work. But the damn GUIs have spoilt me.

    Hg / Git - Version control

    Meld - diff viewer

    Task Coach - For micro-managing tasks

    Putty/openssh/filezilla - For managing files/sessions between machines
  8. Abhishek Gupta

    Abhishek Gupta New Member

    I mainly do Java programming and I love to code in Netbeans. But I have to use Eclipse at work.
  9. harmanjezz

    harmanjezz New Member

    C#, ASP,adobe photoshop, SQL editors,html these are my faverate programs. bcs i am daily uses these ............
  10. mathrisk

    mathrisk .: deleted :.

    Visual Studio 2005/2010 - Best IDE for Windows. (well, not free - but I use in office only)
    Notepad++ : For editing everything.
    WAMP - for webdev things.

    In Unix :
    VIM - for editing everything. :)
    GDB - for debugging.
  11. Zack

    Zack Well-Known Member

    fav: Notepad++
    phpED / phpStorm - php
    VS2010 + Resharper - C#
    Git / svn with Redmine + Mantis
    Proxmox / VBox - VT
  12. unni

    unni Well-Known Member

    Just found out that you can use cppcheck with Eclipse. Great for catching some coding mistakes.
  13. pkd

    pkd New Member

    Well let me mention what I currently use -

    1. IDE - Sublime Text 2 for Development, Vim on servers
    2. SCM - GIT
    3. Terminal - iTerm2 on Mac. Slightly cooler than the default Terminal App
    4. File Sync - BTSync and DropBox
    5. Shell - Zsh
  14. Santa Maria!

    Santa Maria! Active Member

    Over the past month, I've learned vim and am using it as my primary IDE and for all my editing. My god, the productivity increase (with the right plugins) is amazing. This has to be one of the best decisions I've made in my life :)
  15. techygeek

    techygeek Active Member

    At Home:
    Zend Studio
    Sublime Text

    At Work:
    Pl-SQL Developer

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