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Discussion in 'Computer Hardware' started by xplicit, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. xplicit

    xplicit Active Member

    My friend has a Lenovo 3000 N Series lappy....

    It has onboard graphics. There's an S-Video out slot at the back. I bought a S-video to RCA cable, but can't seem to get it to work.

    Anything i could be doing wrong?
  2. superczar

    superczar Well-Known Member

    you need to go to your display properties, and configure the TV as the secondary output device
  3. baksharp

    baksharp New Member

    That is correct.
    Display properties, configure TV as primary, save and then reboot. that should do it.
  4. OP

    xplicit Active Member


    Put it as primary or secondary??
    And are u guys sure it works with Onboard intel extreme graphics??

    BTW there is also a VGA out slot on the side...
  5. superczar

    superczar Well-Known Member

    you can't connect the vga out with ur tv unless you have a lcd tv

    just connect the s-video cable, restart the comp (while thetv is on)

    then go to display should see your tv as an availabl eoption in the dropdown for available monitors....

    set the secondary display (TV) as the secondary (clone) preferably or primary display, and you are good to go
  6. sydras

    sydras Well-Known Member

    Had a question on this kind of thing. I bought an S-video to 3 RCA cable to conect my cousin's PC to TV. The 3 RCA outputs were red white and yellow colour coded. I believe the red and white are for stereo audio and the yellow for composite or A/V video. I have some doubts here.

    1. Can you get audio from the s-video out of your gfx card? The seller told me I could but I find that hard to believe.

    2. The seller mentioned that the white o/p connector on the cable is useless cuz all audio from the PC is mono. Basically only red and yellow work. Another thing I can't understand.

    3. I tried connecting the red and white connectors to the L and R audio inputs on the TV and the yellow connector to the A/V in. I set the TV as the secondary clone display in display properties. But wasn't able to get it to work. Any ideas if I have missed any steps?
  7. superczar

    superczar Well-Known Member



    The S-Video (7pin) out has two types of output available...RGB component (3 RCA jacks, which is what you have) or Y-Cr (luminace and Chrominance) (2 RCA)

    It won't work of course.... :p

    1- If your TV supports RGB input, connect these three cables there,

    2- if it doesn't, but supports a Y-Cr in, get a S-Video to 2 RCA jack a, and connect them there

    3- If it has only composite video in, what you need to do is get either a S-Video to single RCA cable (difficult to find) or connect the Y cable to the Compoite In, and short the Cr wire to the Y wire through a 47 pf capacitor....Be aware that this gives you the lowes quality piicture signal

    Y------------|- RCA In

    - = (47pf)


    tried making a ASCII ckt diagram there, but doesn't seem to come out right..hope you got the idea though :p
  8. rshri

    rshri Active Member

    I need to clarify this more -

    1) My TV has DVD component input (Y/Pb/Pr). Will this work as RGB input for the S-Video out connector cable?

    2) What is Y-Cr in? The only inputs that I have ever seen on CRT TVs are either component (Y/Pb/Pr) or Red-White-Yellow audio-video inputs.
  9. Deathbearer

    Deathbearer Well-Known Member

    hey man...

    just put the yellow RCA point in ur TV.... but still u will get Black & white Display on ur tv..... (dont worry there is a solution 4 it)..

    1. take a small copper wire threads cut in a small size i.e(.5 cm) and insert in s-video (female) its on ur laptop. connect one end in hole number 4 and other to hole number 3 i.e the topmost holes insert the wire so they will get short

    c the image and refrence of the pinouts


    2. insert ur s-video-2- rca cable if u cant then make the wire thin by pulling out some threads. connect to ur tv and ur done colour display.

    3. for sound u will need another set of cable. its called ep-2-mono

    or stereo-2-mono .connect the stereo pin to the speaker out of ur laptop and the mono connectors to the remaning RCA points (RED and White) to the tv to get the sound..


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  10. sydras

    sydras Well-Known Member

    Thanks superczar. Need to understand what you've said. Need to do some major reading on S-video first :p Could you elaborate a little more on 2. i.e. where do I connect the 2 RCA connectors to on the TV?

    Don't really want to do 47pf capacitor short. Hoping for an easier option. The TV is quite old and I'm guessing it only has a composite(a/v) in.
    No component i/p on the TV.

    I have an S-video to female RCA(yellow colour coded)convertor that I got with my old Dell laptop. I didn't try that on my cousin's TV as I did not have any eqpt when I went there. I'm thinking of using this convertor on his gfx card and connecting a bidirectional male 1-1 RCA cable for video.

    For audio, I'm thinking of using my 3.5mm bidirectional audio cable with one end from the PC and the other end fed to a stereo to 2 RCA convertor(all provided with my MX-5021). I'd then use 2-2 RCA bi male connector cables to feed the audio from the convertor into the L and R inputs on the TV.

    Will this work?

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