Discussion in 'Programming' started by Avtar, Jan 1, 2005.

  1. Avtar

    Avtar New Member

    Which languages can you all code in?

    At the moment I can code in C++, QBASIC, HTML and a bit of CSS.

    I'm in the process of learning JavaScript and PHP. 8)
  2. XTerminator

    XTerminator New Member

    Heres wat i kno'

    C,C++,Java(Basic),HTML,VBScript,CSS to some extent,VB 6.0,VFP,FP

    Currently learnin' Java(Advance) and JavaScript
  3. ChambeRFienD

    ChambeRFienD Well-Known Member

    Hmm.. Well.. I know HTML, CSS, XHTML, and I'd say I'm getting pretty good with PHP. =P
  4. OP

    Avtar New Member

    Yes you are getting good at PHP CF...

  5. cancer10

    cancer10 New Member

    I mainly code my software in Delphi and Visual Basic as frontend and Access and SQL Server as backend. Currently planning to learn .net which will include, and

    I am also proficient in Html, JavaScript, PageMaker, Corel Draw, Adobe Image Ready, Adobe Image Styler and Dreamweaver
  6. OP

    Avtar New Member

    Erm, does it take much to know Dreamweaver? ;)
  7. reef_d

    reef_d New Member

    C, C++, Java, SQL, HTML

    also i'll be learning C# and i wanna know where can i learn scripting for flash
  8. XTerminator

    XTerminator New Member

    currently learning C#
    will start RMI and CORBA on Monday/Tuesday.
  9. chip_0

    chip_0 Well-Known Member

    All I know are the very basics of C++ ... what I am learning at school and what bits of C I can pick up through linux programs :p
  10. Dawn

    Dawn New Member

    I can code in
    Visual c++ 6
    Visual c++ .net
    Visual c# .net
    Visual basic 6
    Visual Basic .net
    Java (j2ee)
    C/C++ (borland TC,gcc etc)
    I know following scripts too
    java script
    sql (oracle 9i)
  11. ~HeadShot~

    ~HeadShot~ Well-Known Member

    I am pretty efficient in the following languages. First of all, they are easy to learn. Secondly, I was interested in the way the Internet works. So, I first learnt these web development languages :
    o HTML
    o CGI (Common Gateway Interface)
    o Javascript
    o CSS
    o PHP - In learning process.

    Some of the following I had learnt during my previous classes in school, some from Books, Magazines, Internet, etc. :
    o LOGO (Logic Oriented Graphic Oriented)
    o BASIC (Beginner's All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code)
    o PASCAL

    The languages I wish to learn:
    o C++ - Already started
    o Java (Basic & Advanced)
    o .Net
    o VB - Mostly finished.
  12. archish

    archish Well-Known Member

    c,c++,c#, java, HTML
  13. OP

    Avtar New Member

    LOGO and BASIC are hardly languages mate. :p Even I know them.
  14. digital_brain

    digital_brain New Member

    just learning C ++(dont laugh) .Can code in C.
  15. Desert Rose

    Desert Rose New Member

    C, C++, C#, VB, Oracle, Java, CGI , HTML, (ASP.NET + ADO.NET in the process of learning..)...and a bit of Unix.
  16. bluediamond

    bluediamond Well-Known Member

    :O do u really know all those!!!!
  17. Apex

    Apex Well-Known Member
    Super Mod

    ^^ ofcourse she does :p
    anyways, I've tried learning these. I mean read a few books and practiced a bit :p Some I'm still trying to learn - HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, VB6, VB.Net, Java, C, C++
  18. Hacker

    Hacker Well-Known Member

    C, Vb 6, Sql, Html, Python ( i guess no one heard of this)

    Basic Java, Php n learnin
  19. Desert Rose

    Desert Rose New Member

    I am Learning XML alongside ASP.NET... any good and easy books/links for XML beginners?
  20. Lord Nemesis

    Lord Nemesis Overlord of the Universe

    C, C++, Java (Basic), VB 6.0, VB.Net, VC#, A bit of Prolog, Verilog HDL, HTML and XML.

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