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Discussion in 'Consumer Electronics' started by Tron05, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Tron05

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    I have to get a cook top and a chimney so checked out Faber and Gilma dealers

    Both of them have Lifetime warranty on chimneys

    As per the Gilma dealer - "Faber uses PVC(plastic) fans and motor. hence after a few years, it would start making noise".

    As per the Faber dealer - "Gilma uses metallic fans and motor, hence if there is a electric short circuit, it would kill the entire chimney"

    Another difference is the filter, Faber uses a baffle filter and gilma too uses a washable cassette filter.

    Also read their reviews and both of them had sufficient complaints against them

    Need advice and experience on which Chimney and cook top to go with.
  2. shady2pac

    shady2pac Well-Known Member

    we went for Faber combo....both are working fine and no complaints whatsoever.
  3. sato1986

    sato1986 Well-Known Member

    Here's some advice:

    ->Check suction power: A good chimney would have 850-1100cm3/hr of suction power. (Higher is better)

    ->Washable Baffle Filter would be ideal. (double mesh metal)

    ->Metal motor much more durable and powerful than plastic motor. Electric short circuit is a VERY lame excuse.

    ->Check features: 3-speed, all Stainless steel / glass, Light switch.

    ->Faber brand is more popular than Gilma.

    ->Check after sales service

    Other thoughts: Faberio, Glen, Sunflame.
  4. blr_p

    blr_p Well-Known Member

    I thought it was hilarious :rofl:
  5. s_anuj

    s_anuj Active Member

    I've read pretty bad reviews about Gilma on mouthshut
  6. shailesh1986

    shailesh1986 Active Member

    Faber chimneys are best,there will be no problems..
  7. Dushie

    Dushie Active Member

    i have been using faber for many years never had any issues, also the current prices are low. So i will give +1 for Faber
  8. OP

    Tron05 Active Member

    i will be going for 850 + suction capacity as we cook non-veg everyday.

    Faber has plastic fan+motor and i found it to be noisy than the Gilma model at max suction setting.

    Models i check out was Glassy in Faber and Excito from Gilma.
    Which chimney are you guys using btw!
  9. freshseasons1

    freshseasons1 Active Member

    Comparing Glen with Faber,Glen seems to have a better Plastic body Italian motor and CFC suction is universal.
    After comparing both i opted for Glen and am suite satisfied with both of em.
  10. sydras

    sydras Well-Known Member

    I had done research in this area some 5 years ago. I think Faber is a much better brand than Glen or Gilma. However, I did not end up getting Faber at the time as the price was just too high plus I could not tolerate the ugly baffle filter. Metal mesh filer is so much better looking.

    I purchased my chimney from Parmanand's in Commercial Street Bangalore. Pretty pricey and the lady (Rachna) is full of attitude. They claimed their stuff was italian but the manuals I received were in chinese or malaysian.
  11. AmitMnath

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    @faberindia, @faberhoods:#NoResponse #NoService #NoCommitment #Faber

    Faber Customer Care is worst customer care center.
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  12. ayaskant12

    ayaskant12 Well-Known Member

    any suggestion in 2017??
  13. sriharsha_m

    sriharsha_m Well-Known Member

    In terms of product quality and service, Faber and Elica are your best bets.
    3 way suction models in Faber are very effective.
    Certain chimney models from Faber even come with lifetime warranty.

    We personally use Faber Stilux 3D Plus 90CM and are very happy with the performance.
    Mind you, they are very loud.
  14. ayaskant12

    ayaskant12 Well-Known Member

    Heard some have motors outside like split ac
  15. sriharsha_m

    sriharsha_m Well-Known Member

    Yes, there are split chimneys where the actual suction motor is installed outside. As per their claim, it reduces the noise drastically. But I had a demo of Regular and split models side by side, the reduction in noise is negligible and the disadvantage of split models is that their suction power is low.


    Actually if I look back, maybe the noise of split chimney would be lower in case of a residential installation. In the store, both the external unit and chimney were in the same room for demo, so take my comments regarding noise comparison with a pinch of salt.

    But suction performance difference is true.

    In a regular chimney suction motor is closer to stove and performance is good. Even on paper, the suction performance numbers reflect the same.
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