PC Peripherals JEC Car Amplifier and Sony 10 CD/MP3 changer repair Questions

Discussion in 'Computer Hardware' started by Ragin_Ice, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. Ragin_Ice

    Ragin_Ice Well-Known Member

    Hi there guys ,

    In the recent flooding on the 26th of july,my fr was driving around in a zen with the system turned on and playin when the water entered the car floor where the amplifier and the cd/mp3 changer were mounted , there were sparks and then smoke started coming out .
    Its JEC amplifier and Sony 10 CD/MP3 player .
    fast forwarding to now , these 2 units are dead . Can they be repaired ? .@ deejay can u help me a lil with this ?, since ur 'da' man with electrical repair .

    or could anyone give me some reliable contacts who have the right expertise to help me with this . I know that there are sony service centers , am more concerned about the JEC amp.I am from Mumbai . Help appreciated , thanks in advance .

    edit : I called up a few car audio shops and all of them asked me to bring the stuff to them . I am quite skeptical of giving the stuff to them , i would rather give it to the person repairing instead and have a word with him .
  2. deejay

    deejay New Member

    Sparks and smoke !!!

    Then you better give it to some good repair shop.

    It can be repaired but the cost will depend upon what parts were destroyed.

    unless i have physical access to the unit i cannot tell the extent of the damage and whether it is indeed economically feasible to have it repaired.

    BTW could you post the model numbers of the affected units.
  3. Chaos

    Chaos Well-Known Member

    Same problem with a pioneer deck in my mom's zen. Its dead cos of rains :(. I guess tonnes of audio equipment in cars got destroyed cos of stupid flooding. In fact many cars themselves got screwed cos of rains. Yday my mom told me that sai service has a waitlist of 1000+ cars for servicing/repairs cos of rains and is not accepting any more for the next two months :S.
  4. IceFusion

    IceFusion Well-Known Member

    i suggest u take the amp to the dealer u bought it from and take advice from him...
  5. OP

    Ragin_Ice Well-Known Member

    the model no for the JEC Amp is : JEC CA-3520 , i did a google and couldnt find anything .

    Will shortly update u with the cd/mp3 changer number , dont have it at the moment .

    @ Icefusion , both the units were purchased from dubai .:)

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