Budget 20-25K iPhone 6 from Amazon/Flipkart?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phone Buying Advice' started by cyberboy_varad, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. cyberboy_varad

    cyberboy_varad Well-Known Member

    I am planning to buy iPhone 6 as that's the only (4.7-inch) iPhone in my budget from Amazon/Flipkart. However, there are a lot of negative reviews.

    Does it make sense to get one because of the negative reviews? Anybody with recent experience?

    Is Amazon/Flipkart selling old refurbished iPhones under the new category?
  2. chetansha

    chetansha Well-Known Member

    Can you post link to the phone you bought
  3. Neo Anderson

    Neo Anderson Well-Known Member

    Honestly speaking, I wouldn't recommend buying a phone that came out in 2014 for 22000.
  4. vivek.krishnan

    vivek.krishnan If you cant see the green dot, I'm offline :P

    Refurb 6 is available for less than 10-12K - ebay. But the touchID may not work. optionally - @cisco_tech or @aasimenator - one of them have contacts for the same.

    If you need to buy the iPhone, get the 6S or later, with EMI. It does not make sense to buy the 6 anymore. I have one, and I just use for calls while the XL2 takes all the heavy lifting..
  5. divyesh2129

    divyesh2129 Well-Known Member

    Get an iPhone SE or 6s
  6. hellblazer33

    hellblazer33 Member

    keep in note 6/6s has bad battery
  7. Neo Anderson

    Neo Anderson Well-Known Member


    You can rather buy a budget range android phone. I'm pretty sure with the thinning bezels you can find one with the size that suits you (considering the fact that you are looking for smaller form factor phone)
  8. Shubham15

    Shubham15 New Member

    iPhone 6 is a pretty good phone and has awesome looks too. But the tech is old. If you can live with it.. buy it. I sold it back in Dec'17. If I was you, I would buy 6s as it has better Cam and RAM & processor.

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