Inverter battery : Exide INVARED vs INVATUBULAR

Discussion in 'Consumer Electronics' started by thexfactor, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. thexfactor

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    Guys I'm looking to replace my currently dead (only 2yr old :mad:) Lucas battery with a 150aH Exide Tubular battery, however there seem to be multiple options available i.e InvaRed and InvaTubular and I'm confused between the two.

    I'm getting the Invared 500(150aH) for about 10k no idea about the Invatubular pricing, which among these would be a better buy ??

    Here's a link to the specs ...


    Hoping to get it within the next couple of days, so please pour in your opinions :)
  2. m0h1t

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    I did speak to quite a few people before buying the InvaRed 500, but I dont remember the difference between InvaRed and InvaTubular now.

    I bought the InvaRed 500+ for Rs.9700 and got Rs.1500 discount for the old battery, so it costed me Rs.8200 net.

    Light doesn't go much here where I live, 2-3hours max and not more that 1 hour at once.

    So I ran my 32" LCD tv + 3-4 light + 2-3fans for an hour, they ran fine. You should expect a backup of atleast 3-4 hours for 4 fans and 4 light, but that also depends on what inverter you got.

    The number of fans/lights/etc you can run will depend on the VA rating on your inverter. The duration for which you can run them will depend on your battery's Ah.

    Also get the InvaRed 500+, which supposedly has 20% extra electrolyte.

    Check last page of this -
  3. thexfactor

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  4. m0h1t

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    It was 24months, but the dealer said that it has been increased to 36 months.

    He said he had gotten a letter from the company for the same, so if I'll pay him Rs.500 more he'll stamp that letter and give it to me, I told him to go fornicate himself.

    I called up a company sales agent next day, he said company at their end has increased warranty from 24 to 36 months irrespective of what the dealer said.

    Call up excide's local distribution or sales office in your city and find out if its true or not
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  5. thexfactor

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    Thanx a lot for the quick replies, will check back with a few dealers tomorrow and update here :)
  6. axeman

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    if you face heavy power cuts, go for tubular.

    if not, then red would suffice.

    do not expect more than 3 years from either.

    also remember, exide oft refuses to honour warranty unless you have a written maintained service record of the maintenance like water check and electrolyte level measurements.

    so ensure to get it serviced atleast once in 3 months.

    have suffered due to missing out on 1 service in the second year, did not get replacement.
  7. thexfactor

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    ^ Checkout the link I posted, INVARED is also a tubular battery.

    Thanks for letting know about the servicing part though, will checkout with the dealer before buying.
  8. thexfactor

    thexfactor Insanely Awesome!!

    Thanx a lot for you help Mohit, finally got the Exide InvaRED 500+ with 36 months warranty. Cost me 9.2k after exchanging my old dead battery which went for 800 bucks.

    My dealer there is no such condition for claiming warranty :S , just need to check the levels myself, once every 3 months :)
  9. m0h1t

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    You're welcome dude. How does one check the electrolyte level?
  10. tech1978

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    Just a question here, what is the meaning of maintainance free battery.
  11. thexfactor

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    @m0h1t: once those floating indicators on top dip towards the red indicator, it's time to top up the cells with distilled water.


    @tech1978 : no need to check/refill water every few months.

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