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  1. singhlondon

    singhlondon New Member

    Now I am using Jadoo box but I'm not satisfied with it due to lot of buffering. Now I am looking for a new box. I want to watch Sky UK channels and Indian channels like Star gold, B4U, Zee tv.

    My internet speed is 10 mbps. The important thing for me is that it works without buffering. Which box do you recommend ? I am living in London.
  2. raksrules

    raksrules Well-Known Member

    I Gave up on all those cheap services and boxes. You can try Yupp TV service. I use sling tv in USA because Yupp tv here does not have many Indian channels but UK Yupp has I guess.
  3. OP

    singhlondon New Member

    Problem with Yupp is that I can't see english channels. If I strike a contract with yupp and with Sky UK that will be too expensive for me.
  4. Clawson Jackson

    Clawson Jackson New Member

    I recommend you to look in youtube, there are lot of good youtube channels that are doing reviews on and android boxes. I personally am using easybox iptv

    My wife is watching the Zeetv, B4U nonstop 24/7. I am more into Sky UK and the US movie channels. I got more than 1000 channels in my box. Both indian and English and US channels
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  5. kippu

    kippu Well-Known Member

    kodi/ openelec ? ..although very limited indian channels :)
  6. raksrules

    raksrules Well-Known Member


    I recently stumbled upon another website called which provides paid service which is either through their box or you can install XBMC / Kodi and use them. They charge like $15 per month (higher time charges cheaper). I tried on laptop and it does work but I also got few server time out errors and also the streams of some channels are not as per US timings (for me). Like at evening 7 when I saw sony, it was showing some "Guruji pravachan" stuff which I believe comes in India early in morning so I guess it was probably Indian stream. I still think they are some sort of illegal service but cannot confirm. It does have some channels which sling does not.
    But at the end of day, I don't want myself and my wife to fiddle with XBMC and such stuff and would rather just watch tv "naturally" so even though sling is expensive, I am staying with it for now. Also in that I guess there is no way to see old shows (as in something which was telecast yesterday), this is available in sling so I like that thing too a lot. As we watch a lot of shows after they have telecast and skip the ads.
  7. OP

    singhlondon New Member

    Thanks for advice raksrules.

    I am also the kind of person that don't like to fiddle with settings, kodi. I just want to plug in the box and start watching tv. I come home tired from my job, so I feel I need to rest and don't want to fiddle. And on I need to add urls in my box, and lot of configuration in order to get it to work with the box. And they are selling an box called Mag box, this isn't an android box. I prefer to have an android box.

    I have been reading a lot and I'm going here to share my conclusion if there are anyone else from the indian community that also are looking for indian iptv box.

    There are 3 different models that are offering indian tv channels.

    Shava iptv: Only indian channels. By reading amazon reviews you find many clients with horrible experience
    Jadoobox iptv: Only indian channels. Easy to use box, some clients are happy with it. Others are telling to avoid it
    Easybox iptv: Android box, many good reviews on Amazon.

    I am now using the easybox iptv. And I can recommend it, it got lot of other channels other than Indian channels. Like U.K channels, American channels.
  8. raksrules

    raksrules Well-Known Member

    You can get free trial of myindiantv for 2 days. It does work but I also want the ability to go back and see a serial which was 2 days old and such. As of now I am not leaving sling.
  9. raksrules

    raksrules Well-Known Member

    I have couple of queries for you and some inputs from my side after I have setup Kodi on my Amazon Fire Stick.


    1. How much did you pay for the EastTV box and from where and can you give me a link ?
    2. How stable are the channels ? And can you list some popular Hindi entertainment and movie channels ?
    3. Is the amount you paid one time or recurring ? Asking because I know couple of services which sell a box for say $250 but never mention that there is a recurring $100 or so every year after first year.
    4. Is the transmission as per your local time or any random time ?
    5. Is there DVR / Catch up thing like can I go back in time and watch a TV show (from say yesterday 8 PM) ?

    Sorry so many questions, answer when you have time.

    Now my inputs here after adding Kodi...

    If you install Kodi, install the cCloud Addon as it has lot of Indian channels. Since my concern is always Hindi channels, I search for "Hindi" and I get lots of channels. All the ZEE Channels are US Timings and HD. They are actually taken from official ZEE website (they started something called zee family some time back in US). They always work.
    Also I get Star Gold (UK Transmission) and Filmy (non HD) and mTunes (music) and few others and almost NO buffering (I have 15 Mbps connection)

    Basically this addon has lot of Indian channels and most work always which is great.

    BUT BUT BUT...

    This is not a replacement for ME for Sling TV International. This is because there are lot of channels we need are not there and also you can say that I am paying for convenience here and my wife would never be comfortable with Kodi and stuff. All sometimes she watches TV on sling TV app on iPad Air in Kitchen so that helps her. Also you cannot beat the experience of surfing through channels like a normal TV and most important for us is the DVR like functionality going back till 7 days.
  10. Clawson Jackson

    Clawson Jackson New Member

    @singlondon , do you like the box ? I have a problem with my easybox iptv and don't know how to solve it. When I wake up in the morning it just showed a black screen. When I choosed a channel and pressed OK nothing happens. I just get a black screen and no message. I tried to restart my router and it also didn't help.

    Anyone that had same problem ? Other than that my easybox is working great. I guess I need to go back to my dealer if I can't sort it out.
  11. raksrules

    raksrules Well-Known Member

    Ok so just a small update from my side. I ditched Sling TV altogether as it was pretty expensive at $49 per month for what we were using it. We actually checked how much we watch, as in, the show we watch on a daily basis or weekend ones and we could not get past 6 - 7 shows. Also many of these shows are from Sony and Sab TV which anyways makes its shows available on their youtube channels a day after or so. Rest of the time we just see what it coming, mostly movie channels or music channels. We never watch news either. So paying $50 was not worth it.

    But as of now I have started using Kodi for my Indian TV stuff. Thanks to a add on named "TV on Desi Zone" all Indian shows are available as Video on Demand almost immediately after their telecast. So now we don't have to wait till 9 in the night to watch as the show was already done in India and we can watch in afternoon too.

    For Live TV, cCloud Addon along with ZemTV and Ditto addons provide lots of music and movie channels. Surely, many a times the channels would be dead and not work. This is expected. But free is free.

    As of now my setup is that Kodi is installed on Fire Stick, I have installed Firestarter app and made a setting change so firestick boots into Kodi always, so basically we almost never see firestick interface. I am using a skin in Kodi which for me gives best layout for TV channels.
    Check this imgur album link to see how it looks on my TV..

    Ignore the pictures which show proper show names as I have removed them now. That was through a paid subscription of a service called SastaTV but I am planning to ditch that as well. That service is just $7 per month in comparison and has liveTV and VoD, movies, Gujarati Dramas (from youtube) and some other stuff. I took 1 month subscription to try and it is also good but I feel it used the same sources that the free addons use so say B4U Movies is not working inside SastaTV, it won't be working in cCloud TV addon as well. So no point paying for that service.
  12. anchi

    anchi New Member

    I have read a lot of good reviews on easybox Taj Mahal indian iptv box. I live in New York, USA. Does anyone know where I can buy it ? I visited but couldn't find any dealer list.
  13. Sunny2015

    Sunny2015 New Member

    I also tried first two months on laptop and now eventually bought Mag box after I found the service very stable and they have all channels that I want to watch including willow and sky sports, I also had server time out errors some times but after checking with their live support found out that it was my outdated flash player updated it and worked fine, very happy I suggest trial with them for free !
  14. raksrules

    raksrules Well-Known Member

    Good if it works for you. I did mention before that we don't want to fiddle with Kodi but then the techie in me told that why no give it a shot and now we are using only Kodi for EVERYTHING. Be it Indian shows, Live TV, and movies, english TV shows and movies and everything. I have tried to set it up as much easily accessible for me and wife as I could. Happy with the setup as of now and you cannot beat free.

    I suggest you check Sasta TV too since it is probably cheaper than the and they also have the box thing (stick I guess).
  15. Sunny2015

    Sunny2015 New Member

    Enjoying World cup now :) their sports HD, good news for south Indians they added new 15 new channels 13 of them are south Indians Tamil I guess no change in price :)
  16. Jesnil Trups

    Jesnil Trups New Member

    Hi all,
    Nice discussion is going on about IPTV box & Indian channels. I have gone through all the above discussions but, my problem is something different. As I am an Indian & staying abroad so definitely I like to watch Indian channels but can't decide who provide best quality HD pictures with IPTV box. One of my neighbors suggested me to take service from Maxx Tv. But still, I am in confuse to select. So please suggest me that this is good for me or not.
    Thank you
  17. raksrules

    raksrules Well-Known Member

    Hi Jesnil,
    I think I am reasonably qualified to pitch in again. I have tried almost everything and spent money for one month trials and such. So here are your options, first I will list FREE ones and then Paid and then a conclusion.

    1. SwiftStreamz Android app - Totally Free and can be sideloaded on Fire TV and android boxes. Pretty reliable in most cases. This is my primary app for LiveTV. This has TV channels for other countries and even south indian channels along with US/UK Channels, movies and such.

    2. LiveTV Net Android app - Another android app that I sometimes use. But since it crashes a lot on my fire tv stick and even restarts the stick, I use it rarely. If it would not have crashed, I would continue using it. This app has channels from almost all languages.

    3. Kodi - Addons like ZemTV and Aftershock. Go through this route only if you are technically sound to fiddle with it when it breaks or keep updating.

    4. SastaTV Kodi Addon - Paid Service for under $10 per month. All in one kind of service giving liveTV, movies, VOD etc.

    5. - Usable on Roku and costs $7.99 per month. I took recently for a month and it is good as it is for roku (on roku options are extremely limited). Live channels work most of the time and multiple lamguages. VOD is as per US time mostly so it is not very much usable for me. I need India Time VOD so when I wake up saturday morning, the shows should already be available to watch since those have been already broadcast in India.

    6. - Another Roku channel providing Live tv, movies, vod and this has more stuff for kids and such as well. Registrations are closed but I did the 2 day trial and although service is pretty good, it is pricey for me at $16.99 per month since I have those options free anyways.

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