Idea prepaid balance check inquiry number

Discussion in 'Mobiles and Tablets' started by iprincepankaj, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. iprincepankaj

    iprincepankaj Active Member

    How to check idea prepaid balance?
    Also what is their customer care number?
  2. sohail99

    sohail99 Active Member

    Type '*130#' on ur mobile screen and press the call button! :D

    Customer care no is '2222'
    Many options will be offered! choose the one u want(incl. customer care)

    Note - The above numbers are for Delhi and NCR region
  3. OP

    iprincepankaj Active Member

    Will the number work while roaming too?
    Cause i'm on roaming and while dialing this number it says invalid application.
  4. sumchamp

    sumchamp Well-Known Member

    If u r using IDEA mumbai use *212# for balance enquiry.
  5. Rahul++

    Rahul++ SuperUser

    For Idea call - *212#

    edit - sorry didn't saw Sumchamp's post :p
  6. logistopath

    logistopath Molar Police
    Super Mod

    I believe the customer care number is 98*** 12345.

    In MP and CG circle, it is 98260 12345.

    Please check the number from Idea online portal. And do not forget to mention your circle when you ask similar questions on the forum henceforth. ;)

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