How to update bios in msi cr400

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by anfjavid, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. anfjavid

    anfjavid Well-Known Member

    hello Technogeeks,

    Came across latest BIOS for my lappy. But help document says that i have to update it through bootable flash drive or something called floppy (what is that ?? :huh:) .

    There are 3 files. one is batch file another is the exe file and other one is the BIOS file. If i run the batch file from flash drive after booting thru vista boot cd, i get "The file AFUDOS.exe is not found". I even tried running the exe file directly with the parameters mentioned in the batch file correctly but the same message.

    However I havent tried it thru XP boot disk.

    My question is, is there any alternative way to update the BIOS other than using bootable flash drive , the preparation of which is painful and tedious. I also dont think that there is much difference between bootable flash drive and bootable dvd as far as updating firmware is concerned.

    Hence I doubt that i would get the same error message as above if i update it through Flash drive also. Tried to contact MSI CC. Those BSs were off on saturday too.

    Please help...
  2. sunny27

    sunny27 Stig's Indian Cousin!!!

    there's a pdf file in the website on how to upgrade the bios.

    but why are you upgrading the bios though?

    a floppy is a storage device which allows u to store 1.44mb of data. it was a rage in the early days of computing and was used like a pen drive. high costs and very little storage space killed it off as it couldnt compete with cd and dvd roms and other flash based storage media.

    btw how old are u? u have surely heard of floppy in ur computer lessons in school? i never knew our education system was so damn up to date to omit the floppy from its syllabi!!
  3. avan93

    avan93 New Member

    Okay, thumb rule regarding BIOS updates:If your current BIOS is working fine,no need to update it.

    I have seen maaany screw up with people trying to unneccessarily update their BIOS.If your current one is working fine, leave it that way
  4. anfjavid

    anfjavid Well-Known Member

    LOL, i know very well about floppy drives mate :rofl:. In early days the 720k floppies were available and then 1.44MB and then finally the 2.88MB HD. In fact i know how unreliable floppy disks are :mad:. When i started using PC, the 5" 720k was widely used and the 3" 1.44MB was new to the market and very expensive. I remember the days of playing prince of persia from a floppy. I started with MS-DOS 5.0 and then 6 and then win 3.1 and the expensive HW at that time was the x386 processor, MOBO unknown (most motherboards come with proccy integrated on it, 3MB ram, 120MB HDD, 1.44MB floppy, 256k video card. 1MB vga cards are very expensive and bought only by gaming enthusiasts. That was the case. BTW have you worked in MS-DOS environment ?.

    Just for fun i told like that because no one uses floppy nowadays and its availability is also very rare and in which case the help document (pdf file) suggests users to use floppies as an alternative to using flash drive to update FW.

    First of all is there any MSI laptop which comes with floppy drive ?
  5. sunny27

    sunny27 Stig's Indian Cousin!!!

    not that i know of any.these days laptops and desktops don't come with floppy drives.

    i want to know the reason to upgrade ur laptop's bios.
  6. Konquerror

    Konquerror Active Member

    Why do you want to update the BiOS? Is tere problem with current BIOS? If there isn't then don't update it.
  7. anfjavid

    anfjavid Well-Known Member

    I thought that the latest bios improves stability. And will the bios update improve the battery duration of my lappy ?.
  8. anfjavid

    anfjavid Well-Known Member

  9. sunny27

    sunny27 Stig's Indian Cousin!!!

    use the pen drive option to update ur bios.

    or take it to the service center.
  10. alcy

    alcy New Member

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  11. anfjavid

    anfjavid Well-Known Member

    Thanx mate. However full info isnt provided with regard to flashing lappies. Anyway will search it..
  12. nRiTeCh

    nRiTeCh ╙TÉçhkⁿºwªy±iVé»╖

    now what sort of stability you looking for? you havent told us of any issues with current bios.

    I would better warn you--dont mess with your bios, esp. its a laptop n not desktop.

    rest its your choice.

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