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    Myth 1
    "Programming ppl", have their brains oriented differently,they are the species of humans who for some reason find pleasure in indulging with punctuation and vague naming,with hints of being able to reproduce everything they 'code' by heart.


    Whatever text comes under the heading Myths,are only myths ! people arent born programmers,in fact the line between a programmer and someone who justs like to do things systematcailly is so thin,it makes me blush sometimes.

    Myth 2

    Programming languages keep getting tougher and tougher as time goes by


    Its an interesting contradiction.Although technology is supposed to bring with it,new challenges ,there is a deliberate attempt to make languages easier to understand and practise.You will find that coding in VB will be much easier than say,machine or assembly langauge even though what was developed fifty-100 years ago must be theoritically easy today.On the other hand,people who manage to master older programming languages tend to be in demand and especially if they become experts on not so popular domains.
    eg:i know a fresher guy(indian) who 's colleagues got thrown out,during the dot com bust ,but managed to retain his job for..... being a master in shell scripting,writing daemons,etc.

    So,What programming do i learn today,does programming have any motives ?
    The various verticals in programming can be classified based on languages,architecture,OS,and other misc market demands.But to tell you the truth,if u ever plan to work or do work,there is no way that you will never come upon component based architecture that breeds modularity and team oriennted development(when was the last time you saw a killer company runnning with one guy on development team!).Most companies in India are on the services sector barring a few product oriented companies(which is the next tier in the risky yet higher level in the value chain.Few companies like i-flex for eg have launched flexicube,but this is because they specialised in banking solutions and not services.) This means that your first job will most probably not be in developing the next interface of the xbox,but in contrast ,just a small module among hundreds that deals with say input handling or authentication,or file compression.So start your programming learning curve by first analysing,what the programming language is capable of,where is it used,and eventually you must be able to come up with ways of using existing knowledge that u learnt in new applications.That is what companies in fact look for in your final year projects.

    eg: Most programming language handbooks be it java or c++ or javascript, start off with the variable types,structures,control loops,etc So now you wonder what the hell your gonna do with all that ?!
    Solution : well its funny you dint notice that these are all u need for your very first apps,or a imperative module in any enterprise's software.Once you find out what a program is supposed to do,then its funny but programming tends to do everythign backwards up. ie do everything that is required to do x before actaully doing x !

    -type compatability chekcing in html forms
    -user authentication using simple if,else statements
    to read a string,and print it back.
    !!do i need to do anythign that is a necessity for the program to run ?
    !!where do i start ,finish
    !!start objective
    #include<iostream.h> int main() { int i; cin>>i; cout<<i; return 0;}
    In case you want a fancy password protected application that opens a list of your PM's from TA in a text file
    #include<iostream.h> // required for input/output in C++and more added depending on the program #include<conio.h> //required for clearscreen command //#include<... etc> int main() // remmebr the modular thingi i was tlaking bout,this is how c++ programs usually start ,inside main { char name[20]; // suitable datatype clrscr(); // to clearscreen in command prompt cout<<"welcome to my TA zone"; cin>>name; //do the required file opening thingi,im too lazy to write it now! return 0;}
    Go through the Helloworld program of the various languages to get a rough idea of how things work.These are the simplest programs you will get to illustrate the working.i think thers a thread here in TA in the coding section that deals with more than 100 hellowworrd programs.

    What stands out in a good programmer?
    1.well a working and well documented program for starts.
    2.ability and will to learn
    3.keeping deadlines,and time management.

    To tell you the truth,programmers never accept the fact that the only thing that differentiates the 'elite' or 'programmers' here,from the 'ignorant' or those who think they cant program is ironicaly very sly indeed.In my words:

    a programmer knows what tools he has,how to use them and the simplest way to do it.A beginner doesnt !

    So buddies,once you do these,there is no way that u will be any less a programmer than some1 u know.I admit it.After all if a programmer wants some text to pop up in front of the user,he knows what tool to use(msgbox in VB,cout,put,etc in c++,sytem.out.println in java),how to use it(put the necessary redundant necessities like #inlude in c++,import in java) and when to use it (on screen immediately,in a popup,in a webpage,etc)

    Hope this text comes in handy to imbibe confidence into beginners entering the programming world.Believe me,we'r all gone thru it ,and its only a part of learning...and thats whats important.

    Feel free to post your particular doubts and queries on the forums.Im sure you'll find a fair share of helping hands here all eager to share knowledge.

    TIP: google is your friend,to find resources on syntaxe's or examples,anyhtng under or floating arbitarily around the world ,not to find what you want,but to understand what you are looking for !
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