How to remove privitize VPN completely - got defaulted in search engines on browsers

Discussion in 'Computer Software' started by raksrules, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. raksrules

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    I was using TPB yesterday and tried that anonymous download thing which installed some privitize VPN on my machine. I did manage to remove the software from the usual uninstall thing but it has also got into the default searches in browsers. The search which happens when we type something in the URL search bar. It has affected chrome and firefox.
    I scanned through the registry to remove anything and everything which says privitize and did manage to remove so. But it is still there in firefox and chrome.

    How to remove this completely from the system ?
  2. ayanavish

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    Install this: Advanced Uninstaller PRO - CNET

    Then follow these steps:
    1) Use the "start installation monitor" option of the tool
    2) Reinstall privitize VPN
    3) Uninstall using the "uninstall monitored application"

    This should completely remove everything the software has kept in your system
  3. onlyravi

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    But again with that CNET will install some shit on ur PC which will keep looking for updates for the installed applications on the PC.
  4. JuGGa

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    Change default search engine in Chrome and delete the SE you want.


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