How to operate 2 tv using one set top box

Discussion in 'DTH/CAS/IPTV' started by MohitPreet, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. MohitPreet

    MohitPreet Well-Known Member

    how two tv's are connected with airtel stb i tried with splitter but no result on second tv plz suggest some thing so i able to watch on second tv

    coax out on ctv box to coax splitter. coax to each tv from splitter. u will have the same channel on both tv's..

    i can go for a parallel line but with that both the tvs will see the same channel at the same time.

    thats not a problem for me atleast i will get to watch star cricket

    but i m not able to do it on my airtel set top box!!

    plz help me guys

    as i have to watch the indo-pak match on my tv in my room tomorrow

  2. sumchamp

    sumchamp Well-Known Member

    Ask Airtel to provide you secondary connection to your room.
  3. MohitPreet

    MohitPreet Well-Known Member

    ^will that be free of cost!
  4. sumchamp

    sumchamp Well-Known Member

    No...they charge something like 150 bucks/month for other connection apart from parent connection. You also have to purchase STB.
  5. MohitPreet

    MohitPreet Well-Known Member

    arre bhai i m not asking about that!

    thats an add-on connection on the primary one!

    i want to split the one signal from the set top box to 2 tv's

    so that both the tv's can have the same channel , if u change the channel from the primary tv , channel will automatically change on the other tv as well

    i dont want 2 independent connections,

    just want to split 1 into 2 , so that i m atleast able to watch matches in my room when all in my family r asleep!!

    r u getting my point!

    in short i m not ready to pay-up for the other connection just for on-off viewing of only 1 channel- star cricket

    somebody please help!

    i know this is possible!

    and some of u might have already done that!
  6. teche

    teche Active Member

    Though I don't have any 1st hand experience, still try a splitter, this shall have 1 or 2 more outlets which would let you attach similar no. of T.V's.
    But from what I've heard, same programmes would run on all T'V's supplied with same STB.
  7. adder

    adder Well-Known Member

    well sure u can do that,i do that in my big tv and airtel digital tv.i.e some of the channels i don't get in airtel i watch it from big tv and vice versa.
    now the easiest way, is to connect the tv closest to stb via composite and the one which is kept the farthest u can connect them via a regular RF cable or coaxial cable.
    alternately if ur tv has a monitor out aka tv out usualy its a composite out u can connect them to ur second tv composite In.
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  8. MohitPreet

    MohitPreet Well-Known Member

    the thing is my primary tv is a 30yr old sony tv which has no composite out. i connect it to my stb only with the RF cable - the single lead one ,

    not the one which has 3 diff color coded cables- the a/v cable.

    and the other tv in my room which is on the first floor also does not have a composite out

    i can connect only using RF

    now how to connect both,

    do i need a co-axial splitter for that or anything else!!
  9. PhotostarSR

    PhotostarSR Active Member

    You can't. Period.

    Even i tried all this stuff and finally ended up buying another Airtel Digital TV STB!!

    You better buy an another one or stop thinking abt 2nd TV! :p
  10. MohitPreet

    MohitPreet Well-Known Member

    no man it is possible
    i have seen many people doing that!
    dont worry i ll get the local tv installer to help me out:p
    if still nothing works for me , i ll not get a new box :tongue::tongue:
  11. sumchamp

    sumchamp Well-Known Member

    Yes it seems Splitter is the only option available to you.

    Connect between RF Out of STB box and TV RF In.
  12. MohitPreet

    MohitPreet Well-Known Member

    any other suggestions..
  13. hmasalia

    hmasalia Well-Known Member

    Ask airtel they will come n do it for u

    charge you one time 500 bux....
  14. adder

    adder Well-Known Member

    well then just get a splitter,but chances are that there will be a signal degradation,when both are watching.btw is it realy a 30year old tv:O since most sony tvs i know or atleast for me didn't last over 11years i.e offcourse without repairs
  15. nitant

    nitant Active Member

    Dood I have like a 25yr old Sony that works flawlessly.
  16. MohitPreet

    MohitPreet Well-Known Member

    @ adder : yes it is indeed a 30 yr old one :p
    @hmasilia : airtel people dont know wat that is, they only know to install a new stb with extra monthly rental for that tv, for which i m not ready at all :p

    @nitant: its not dood(read milk), its dude!!:rofl:
  17. adder

    adder Well-Known Member

    well lucky u guys,i still feel those old sony crts still looked better then the later new sony WEGA 2.0 .
    btw does it have a wooden frame and a fat remote.
  18. MohitPreet

    MohitPreet Well-Known Member

    so guys finally did it just in time for the indo-pak match:hap2::hap2:

    now watching the match in my separate room!

    just got the signal via RF out to split into 2

    1into primary tv and other into secondary!:hap2::hap2:
  19. tech.addict

    tech.addict Well-Known Member

    HAve you tried addind a splitter after the set-top box. Should do the job.

    Sorry you have already done that while I was posting.
  20. MohitPreet

    MohitPreet Well-Known Member

    yes added a splitter from the rf out of the set top box

    the splitter is like a 3 way knob,

    1 to receive signal out from the settop box and 2 outputs for the 2 tv's

    got the setup made from a local electronic store with normal cable wire all for 50 bucks!

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