How to do basic webpage editing?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Barney_IRELAND, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. Barney_IRELAND

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    Hi all

    I have been asked in work to manage the department's webpage on the
    company website.

    I have no training in web page editing or HTML.

    Thankfully, it is a simple webpage with no fancy animations,
    backgrounds or interactive content. It is just a webpage with
    paragraphs about the company, a few photos and some links to other

    Can anyone point me to some basic tutorials on how to edit a webpage?
    The way I plan to do this would be to I would edit the pages offline,
    show them to management and once approved upload them
    to the site admin for uploading to the main company site.

    I was going to use Microsoft Word, but it seems a bit "clunky"
    Can anyone recommend a better way to edit webpages?

  2. seshu

    seshu *

    how do you access the html files ?
    is it through web host panel's file manager or through ftp program (eg. filezilla)

    if using ftp then I'd suggest to use a advanced text editor - like notepad++

    if file manager at web host panel is used then you can use the editor available there

    basic tutorials available at w3schools , siteground ... should be helpful
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  3. Crapmypants

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    not an expert here but i can safely say that using ms word to edit an html file is what makes people throw their systems out the window.
    notepad/wordpad the way to go.
  4. booo


    visual studio express edition is the best tool I can suggest. Intellisense helps a lot for someone who is learning.

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