Hotmail upgraded: Microsoft unveils Windows 8-inspired ""

Discussion in 'Latest Technology News' started by ch@ts, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. ch@ts

    ch@ts Well-Known Member

    Hotmails received a much needed upgrade. It's optional, and you've got to click the link below to get it.
    I tried it, and love it. But it doesn't work in my default browser (opera) :( .
    Initial impressions :
    faster, cleaner, better looking, better integration with facebook, and finally .. threaded conversations (about time!)

    Source: Microsoft unveils Windows 8-inspired “” freemail service | Ars Technica

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  2. kuduku

    kuduku Well-Known Member

    And also opened last night . So anyone who wanted his own special email address can head over to and make a new account . The interface is same for email services by MS including , live , hotmail and others
  3. agantuk

    agantuk Well-Known Member

    I love pretty much all the stuff they have come up with, but I am not using it until Opera is supported. I cannot change my browser to use a mail service, however good it might be.

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    For folks who migrate their existing live accounts, you can create an alias with too
  4. ch@ts

    ch@ts Well-Known Member

    I think it's Opera that'll need to make the changes. Opera's my default browser, and I love it, but it's lack of support for newer web technologies has begun irritating me to a point where I'm considering switching over to Chrome...but I'll wait till Opera 12.5 is out before I make the move.
  5. techygeek

    techygeek Active Member

    Isn't the web interface very slow? or is it only me?
    btw me using Opera too.
  6. indy1811

    indy1811 Well-Known Member

    ^Super fast on Firefox...
  7. NeViLLe

    NeViLLe Active Member

    Its the same as gmail now... copycat
  8. techygeek

    techygeek Active Member

    Ok yea proper on firefox.
    btw the UI looks good.
  9. agantuk

    agantuk Well-Known Member

    I don't want to get into conspiracy theories, but if websites explicitly indicate in their code that they will handle only certain browsers, Opera cannot be blamed. It isn't like it doesn't support those technologies. As regards HTML5, I feel it it is no standard to judge a browser by. Look at what each of the guys who support HTML5 are doing - they come up with either their own set of tags, or their own selection of tags they would like to support and claim to be compatible.

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    Interesting. GMail's UI sucks, Hotmail doesn't. I guess MS did a bad job of copying.
  10. Rico

    Rico Rico Unchained

    Getting Error While sign up. :annoyed:

    Sign Up Error 450
    You've reached the daily limit for creating Microsoft accounts. Please wait a day and try to sign up again.
  11. m0h1t

    m0h1t drinks like a fish

    You can also just get a alias for your current email account and just migrate to the new interface by logging in from
  12. reddead

    reddead Active Member

    made a new outlook account just because it sounds cool :bleh:
    BTW UI is great IMO much cleaner than gmail....
  13. comp@ddict

    comp@ddict Well-Known Member

    Liking it much
  14. Rahul++

    Rahul++ SuperUser

    Loved the new UI.. Thanks a lot for bringing this in. The only reason I moved to Gmail for past 2 months is because Live Mail UI was not good at all. Now, I can finally use my Live account.

    It is much better and faster than Gmail :D
  15. comp@ddict

    comp@ddict Well-Known Member

    I'll add my GMAIL to it only now.
  16. Rahul++

    Rahul++ SuperUser

    I logged in to my Live mail account (after 3-4 months). There are thousands of spams (Viagra, Pharmacy, Pills stuff :mad:) :( How the hell my email ID got compromised :-( How to prevent spam messages? I can't waste my time deleting all of them manually :(
  17. comp@ddict

    comp@ddict Well-Known Member

  18. SunnyBoi

    SunnyBoi Well-Known Member

    Noticed that my old hotmail account was migrated. Quickly setup 3 nice sounding aliases :D
  19. ch@ts

    ch@ts Well-Known Member

    It's not just HTML5, it's CSS and jQuery as well. When I experiment with web site development, I'm often disappointed that a lot of stuff just doesn't work with Opera. And the memory footprint is huge! It consumes more than 500MB on my machine after a few hours, and the Opera team has said that they're not going to do anything about that. Besides, printing is broken, atleast in my Opera setup. Pages print all messed up, and to print anything I've got to re-open the page in Chrome.
    However, I love how light their mail client is, and how stable the browser is, with 20 tabs open. I love the password manager, speed dial and the bookmarks bar. And dragonfly is great too. And the inbuilt ad-blocker, per page settings, image blocker are all wonderful.
    Opera's been my primary browser for about a decade now, but it's shortcomings do irritate me sometimes.
  20. agantuk

    agantuk Well-Known Member

    @ch@ts I have to say that the memory footprint is less of an issue now than it was earlier. In any case, with my heavy tab usage, I have found the memory usage on Opera to be lesser than that of Chrome or Firefox. IE9 doesn't do better on that front either. I agree that for just a couple of tabs, it uses far more memory.

    I have however never faced any issues with printing - what exactly goes wrong when you try?
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