Graphic Cards Hey guys..I am thinking of making a rig with ASUS GeForce gtx 1060 6GB Dual-Fan OC Edition

Discussion in 'Computer Hardware' started by Saurav Nayak, Apr 20, 2017.

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  1. Saurav Nayak

    Saurav Nayak New Member

    Well the title explains almost everything and I'm new here and to all things forum so please bear with me if I made any mistakes below ... With that said,could you all help me with the which cpu and motherboard and the rest parts (I need a extra free gpu slot for future expansion)
    should I take as not to bottleneck my gpu
    Also I would like the costs to be as low as possible...budget is around 70-80k
    4 ram ports on motherb would be a boon too..
    Included the link to the graphics card I want to use...thanks a lot for your help

    And yes sorry for less info but I'm hoping to base the build around the gpu and not the other way around
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  2. Jc36

    Jc36 Well-Known Member

    Post in PC Buying Advice with appropriate formatting, people will help you out. Please note that the card you linked will not come with India warranty. The dual fan version has higher OC and is only 2-3k more in MDComputers. I strongly recommend getting one with warranty when the difference is so less.
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  3. OP
    Saurav Nayak

    Saurav Nayak New Member

    Thanks for the info...a gpu without warranty is a like life without a wife...
    Btw should I keep this post or remove it and repost it on the other category?
    If so how do I remove it?
    Sorry for asking more questions but I'm new to forums all together..this is my first time I am using a forum to ask for help.
  4. EklavyaKumar

    EklavyaKumar New Member

    If buying a 1060 go for MSI Armour or Gaming X series.
    Gaming X is the best and costs such (have it) and its the best for Indian summers, barely breaks 65-68 degrees in witcher 3 full HD ultra .
    Armour is cheaper but capable with same zero frozer tech i.e. fans will spin after 60 degree.
    My card idles at 35 Degree.
    You can buy From global, i have my GTX 570 still working (gigabyte super OC edition) purchased 4 years ago, brought from USA.
    i will suggest MSI and then gigabyte/asus etc as they have the best build quality around,
    On the other hand you can land 1060 with warranty in india @21,000/- with good build from other vendors. Zotac offers 5 yers warranty anywhere in india.
    This is 1060 Dual fan Gigabyte @ 23,000/- (India)
    Galaxy 1060 6 GB: 21,000/-
    And Mini ITX gigabyte 1060 6 GB very capable card : 21,000/-

    Note : For 1980x1080 Resolution a 1060 is overkill, look at Radeon 470 4 GB.

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  5. PHOENiX117

    PHOENiX117 Well-Known Member

    Rx480 beats the 1060 in a number of departments, you are better of getting a rx480 over a 1060 (5 year nvidia user who switched to AMD) also launch benchmarks are misleading at this point (there is a video by jayztwocents on YT) and drawing comparisons to 770/r9 280x

    Also in a 80K budget 1060/rx480 make no sense to me, get a EVGA/Zotac 1070 around 30-33k.
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  6. OP
    Saurav Nayak

    Saurav Nayak New Member

    hey bro,i need a NVidia card because they are a bit more durable on the long run and most new and super old games support NVidia so I'm guessing ill get a little bit more out of the gpu.
    anyways I'm have not done a final parts check so amd still is in my list.
    thanks a ton for ur help

    yea i agree 1060 is a overkill but i will not only play games but render stuff too so i'll be needing both over and kill
    i will be using a dual monitor setup so that is another thing to consider
    i already have a rig with 4gb NVidia gpu and i5(don't remember the exact model) and still gives me issues when rendering advanced videos and 3d stuff so its better to buy a powerful gpu and be assured that i woudnt get any problems for atleast next 5-6 years
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  7. OP
    Saurav Nayak

    Saurav Nayak New Member

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