PC Peripherals help usb flash drive showing less space

Discussion in 'Computer Hardware' started by ReekingArchvile, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. ReekingArchvile

    ReekingArchvile New Member

    i got this 256 mb usb pen drive wid firmware cd n all a week ago n jess formated it to fat 32 once ..since den it's been showing 114 mb of space ...

    the pen drive got busted or wot??

    help reqd .....
  2. KingKrool

    KingKrool New Member

    One sec, how did you format it? You need to use the USB manufacturers provided utility - I hope you did that.
  3. Deathdart

    Deathdart New Member

    You probably removed it while it was being accessed. If you do that, it fries some of the storage. My bro's 256MB flash drive came down to 128MB because of that. :(
  4. OP

    ReekingArchvile New Member

    now wen i plug it in it's giving an error sayin the usb device has malfunctioned smthn like dat ...now wot??

    naa i jess formated it by right clicking ..dats d prob??

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