(Help)Play Movies in Your Pendrive using PS2

Discussion in 'Gaming and Consoles' started by Compiler, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. Compiler

    Compiler Active Member

    HI guys recently i have come across a software called argon which allows you to use your play station device to use pendrive as a storage medium .

    You can then store your movies picture songs in your pendrive and watch content of it using ps2.

    Has any 1 from forum member tried it.

    I would be very happy if someone share their experience here.
  2. arjun123

    arjun123 Active Member

    Argon is based on SMS Media player and have been dead since a long time. It is much better to use SMS Media player itself. It is frequently updated with new features. SMS is really good and supports variety of formats and works perfectly.
  3. Compiler

    Compiler Active Member

    Can i able to watch my pendrive movies using it?

    What are the supported format?

    How do i check if my ps2 firmware is compatible for using that?

    Where will i get the SMS Media player?

    Please help Me frends.
  4. arjun123

    arjun123 Active Member

    1. What are the supported format?

    Using SMS Media Player it is possible to listen to various audio file formats (MP3, OMA, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, FLAC, AC3), and watch various video formats (DivX/XviD, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4-ASP in AVI Container) using the console. Media can be played from any device connected to the console i.e. external USB/Firewire thumb drive/hard disk (FAT32 only), the internal hard disk on early revision consoles, optical CD-R(W)/DVD±R(W) disks (modded systems or patched disks), or network shares (Windows Network or PS2 host: protocol).

    2. How do i check if my ps2 firmware is compatible for using that?

    If you got modded console all will work. Old unmodded ps2 also works. Only new slim line unmodded ps2 don't work.

    3. Where will i get the SMS Media player?

    Simple Media System for Playstation 2 (SMS) downloads

    SMS - Playstation 2 Simple Media System

    This should guide you.

    Also look at SKS Apps - Exploit Systems - Wii Ps3 Ps2 Apps - Homebrew Game Downloads for more info
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  5. Compiler

    Compiler Active Member

    Thank you very much frend you r indeed very helpful i will download it and try it.

    Whatever i have read i m summering here.

    You just need to copy the latest sms player to your dvd and put it into your ps2 .correct me if i m wrong.

    Kindly explain why there r different PAL and NTSC versions available.

    (i might be very dump about PAL and NTSC which one should i go about).

    The author of the SMS website has kindly contributed pre-made CD images for SMS. This means you don't need to go to the bother of creating your own image. PAL and NTSC versions are available, on the page linked above.

    I found following method very useful but link given here is not working .Can u please provide me another link of same iso file.

    2.5. Using a bootable SMS DVDR (Modchip only)

    If you're fortunate enough to have a modchip, Swap Magic, or HDLoader/HDAdvance, and access to a DVD writer, the easiest way to get up and running with SMS is to download the DVD .iso image from the SMS Media Player website, and burn it to a blank DVD-/+R.

    Refer to your DVD writer application instructions for how to burn ISO images.

    After you have burned your DVD, put it into your modchipped PS2 and press reset... that's it.
  6. arjun123

    arjun123 Active Member

    Looks like Old iso images have been deleted.

    Here is the longer method. If you got a modded ps2 you don't need to worry about pal/ ntsc.

    If you got a modded ps2 (hopefully with a matrix or clone modchip) and a memory card follow these steps to save sms media player on memory card itself (so you won't need the cd again and again):-

    1. Download Ulaunchelf boot cd from here.


    2. Burn it on a cd.

    3. Download latest sms media player from here.


    4. Rename SMS Version 2.9 (Rev.4).elf to boot.elf

    5. Copy boot.elf to your pendrive.

    6. Put in the cd you burned in step 2 in your ps2. And start the ps2.

    7. You should get a browser like apllication on screen now. Navigate to your pendrive Highlight BOOT.ELF and hit R1 and select copy. Now navigate to MC0 and hit R1. Select NEW FOLDER. Name the folder BOOT. Now go ahead and enter that folder. Now just hit R1 and select paste.

    8. Now take out the cd and restart your ps2. Keep R1 pressed while you restart. This should automatically launch Sms Media player. Now whenever you want to run sms media player just keep R1 pressed while starting ps2 and it should work.

    Alternately you can always put in ulauchelf disk and use it to run sms media player.
  7. Compiler

    Compiler Active Member

    thank you very much you were very very helpful and active . i will follow the steps you have mentioned . like other forum do this forum has thanks or any reputation points .if yes i would like to repute you frend.
  8. Compiler

    Compiler Active Member

    Hi guys i m little confused about using cd as i think only dvd is supported by ps2 please help which brand should i purchase .
  9. arjun123

    arjun123 Active Member

    PS2 supports both cds and dvds. You can also download the dvd version here http://sksapps.com/launchers/uLaunchELF_v4.37_DVD.zip
  10. Compiler

    Compiler Active Member

    arjun following are the content of uLaunchELF_v4.40_CD.rar
    ulaunchelf440 its a bin file of size 706136 kb
    ulaunchelf440 its a image file of 1 kb
    ulaunchelf440 its a image file of size 614866 kb
    what shall i do about other 2 files apart from iso image.
  11. arjun123

    arjun123 Active Member

    Don't worry about files, just use imgburn (or any other burning application) and burn.
  12. Compiler

    Compiler Active Member

    arjun which image file should i burn .

    because there are total 2 iso files and one bin file.

    i have burned ulaunchelf440.iso which is of size 706136 kb.

    it has 3 files inside it.I have not touch other files.
    but the cd is not detected by my ps2.I m using sony 15 rs blank cd.

    Please suggest.
  13. arjun123

    arjun123 Active Member

    Download the dvd version.I just checked it myself and it works fine.
  14. Compiler

    Compiler Active Member

    Hi arjun ,

    Thanks for your comment just wanted to clear on some point.

    Whenever i burn cd using nero it always gives write error (buffer overrun) i have burned 3 cds but got the same error but it makes the 600 mb disk with 3 files.

    When i tried to search on this problem i found some forum guys asking other to use alcohol 120 software to burn the cd.

    Which software you are using for burning the cd.

    (I m thinking of using cd-rw or dvd-rw rather than wasting the cd/dvds.will they work in ps2)

    Which brand of DVD should i burn for PS2 ?

    waiting for your reply brother.
  15. arjun123

    arjun123 Active Member

    use imgburn. Its the best. And even local brand DVD works fine.
  16. Compiler

    Compiler Active Member

    I m 100% sure that there is some problem in cd version of iso you have listed here as i have burned the CD using image burn but the same write error occured.
    Please Edit your post to remove the link This would help others .
    Any way i m going to burn DVD using the Image burn software .It looks quite simple to me.
  17. raksrules

    raksrules Well-Known Member

    Whatever software you use to burn, just ensure that you do not use the write speed anything above 4x. Although i have not experienced problems with CDs written at 8x but better than taking the risk, burn at 4x (or below) only.
  18. Compiler

    Compiler Active Member

    Finally after 2 cd burn failure i m able to plug in my pen drive to ps2 and watch movies from it.

    Arjun you r really very helpful.
  19. arjun123

    arjun123 Active Member

    Thanks and enjoy. :hap2:
  20. kelvin00

    kelvin00 New Member

    i've followed all the steps described above but it's not working.i've already burnt a cd version and a dvd version but when i'm loading it with my ps2 it says Failed to load LAUNCHELF.CNF .. i can't copy or paste as descibed..can you please help me?


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