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  1. RedskyITM

    RedskyITM Member

    Expected Price (Rs):
    Item Condition:
    4 out of 5
    Purchase Date:
    Remaining Warranty Period:
    See Details
    Invoice Available?:
    Reason for Sale:
    Shipping from:
    Payment Options:
    • Cash
    • Bank Transfer
    Shipping Charges:
    Excluded - at actuals
    Hey guys,

    I'm selling an older PC that I built in 2013 with upgrades till mid 2016. All prices are final.

    The components are as follows:

    CPU: FX-6300 - Rs. 4000 SOLD
    (12/14) - 11 months warranty remaining.
    Bought on Flipkart
    MB: Asus M5A97 R2.0 - Rs. 5000 SOLD
    (7/15) - 18 months warranty remaining.
    RMA'd (11/16)
    Bought in a local store
    GPU: Sapphire HD7950 Dual X - Rs. 8000
    (7/12) - No warranty remaining
    RMA'd (12/13)
    Bought on Newegg US
    RAM: 2x Kingston Hyper X FURY 8GB 1866 CL10 DDR3 - Rs. 5500 SOLD
    (4/16) - Lifetime warranty or something
    Bought on Amazon IN
    SSD: KingDian 256GB - Rs. 3000 READ THE 7TH POST
    (3/16) - 14 months warranty remaining
    Bought in China
    Warranty requires you to ship the drive to China
    HDD: WD Green 1TB - Rs. 1000 SOLD
    (12/10) - No warranty remaining
    Bought on Amazon US
    Honestly it has lasted forever so I'll probably last much longer
    PSU: Corsair 650TX - Rs. 4000 SOLD
    (1/13) - 12 months warranty remaining
    Bought on Flipkart
    Case: LIAN LI Lancool Dragon Lord PC-K58 - Rs. 2000 SOLD
    (4/14) - No warranty remaining
    Bought on Amazon IN
    Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212X - Rs. 1200 SOLD

    Here are the pics:

    I would prefer local buyers because testing and everything is easier but I do not mind shipping the entire thing to anywhere else. The cost of that will have to be paid for by the buyer though and it will be shipped by whatever carrier the buyer prefers.
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  2. narendra

    narendra New Member

    Wd Green for me
  3. r2d3

    r2d3 New Member

    im in for 650tx and hyper 212 .. how much for hyper 212?
  4. RedskyITM

    RedskyITM Member

    So an update:

    - I've got a massive number of potential buyers for the SSD and HDD. PM me and I'll place you in line.
    - The Cooler Master Hyper 212X cooler has 3 potential buyers at 1.2k. I'm expecting a transfer soon so it's pretty much gone.
    - The PSU has a potential buyer for 3.5k but I'm holding out for 4k. Let me know if you're willing to pay 4k for it.
  5. vivek doda

    vivek doda Active Member

    Payment done for hyper 212x @RedskyITM
    Please pack it well and ship to the provided address
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  6. RedskyITM

    RedskyITM Member


    - Cooler sold
    - RAM has a potential buyer
    - PSU and HDD sold.
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  7. RedskyITM

    RedskyITM Member

  8. manjeet

    manjeet Member

    Payment done for the motherboard, awaiting shipping details :).
  9. RedskyITM

    RedskyITM Member

    Motherboard shipped! Thanks
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    PSU and HDD shipped!
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  10. RedskyITM

    RedskyITM Member

    I cleaned up the OP.

    Stuff remaining:
    - CPU
    - RAM
    - GPU
    - Case
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  18. dattask

    dattask New Member

    Didn't received any reply of my PM
  19. RedskyITM

    RedskyITM Member

    I apologise. I'm not seeing the PM in my conversation list.

    Seeing as you just made the account and have 0 messages (that I can see) I would assume it has something to do with permissions. I'll open a conversation with you and let's see if that works.
  20. RedskyITM

    RedskyITM Member


    Price reduced on the CPU to 4000 from 5000 and the RAM from 6000 to 5500.

    People have informed me that the CPU is now going for like 3k in second hand markets pointing to Ryzen and prices on OLX and Quikr as reference. Ryzen is still a few months away and I haven't seen any ads for below 4k still on OLX or Quikr so I assume 3k is a great deal for the buyer. I'm not in a hurry to get rid of the CPU so 4k is the new price.
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