God of war 4 leaked Gameplay

Discussion in 'Gaming and Consoles' started by Fenix, Mar 17, 2018.

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    I guess it got removed. Watched it on Saturday itself. It had just 2 enemy types. Felt a bit monotonous.
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    There are no PS4 emulators. The PS3 emulator itself is still under development. Garbage clickbait article with no source.
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    How can they write such article if there is no emulator? well, on the other hand, ps4 emulation is possible, I've seen a couple of videos in which people are playing trying to emulate games over pc.
  6. Jc36

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    Please link them.
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  7. thirumalkumaran

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    No one discussing on this ?
    Just started the game, though its not as difficult and button masher like the old ones...
    This has a more matured approach...

    1. If someone says Consoles are mid range machines... Shove this on their face.. The level of optimisation is staggering...
    2. The combat is wonderful, as good a W3 and Batman series..
    3. Pretty good story, keeps you in place.
    4. Great RPG Elements...
    5. Hardest difficulty is really, really hard... (Like Bloodborne/souls)
  8. Jc36

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    I will begin my playthrough as soon as I am done with Breath of the Wild. Or maybe sooner. Eager to jump into the hype.

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