Get 50 GB Box space free!!!!

Discussion in 'Hot Deals & Coupons' started by ashu, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. ashu

    ashu Active Member
    Signup now for 50GB to securely access and share your content from anywhere
    You can also invite your friends after registering, they will get 50 gb as well
    Regular free storage is 5 GB, was 25 Gb a few days back on some offer, but this is awesome…Dnnow how long this will last though…Get it before it expires :lol:
  2. kvikram

    kvikram Well-Known Member

    Wow. Thanks for sharing! But with our FUPs there is no chance we are going to use all that 50 GB! :p
  3. shank21101985

    shank21101985 Active Member

    thanks for sharing... signed up..
  4. impulse1992

    impulse1992 Reds under the bed

    Thanks for sharing, is it lifetime or limited
    Max file size: 250 MB
  5. Nalin

    Nalin Gamer Inside

    Box storage is for lifetime unlike dropbox
  6. CA50

    CA50 Well-Known Member

    Thanks mate, i registered yesterday and got 25GB, today i registered again with a different ID, got 50GB, 75Gb in total :D
  7. impulse1992

    impulse1992 Reds under the bed

    did the same :p

    Here's the link For 25GB :)
  8. eggman

    eggman Active Member

    Good for backing up photos...But is it secure?
    Can they not misuse our data.

    Starting from the name to interface to functionality, everything is a copy of drop box.
  9. nimod

    nimod Well-Known Member

    I already had a 25GB box account.
    I deleted that account To sign up for 50GB. didn't allow this :-/
  10. CA50

    CA50 Well-Known Member

    use a different email id
  11. pratzgh1

    pratzgh1 Insane

    Hey thanks @ashu. Registered. :)
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  12. mathrisk

    mathrisk .: deleted :.

    got my 50gigs too. :)
    although I have 50gigs of dropbox (got free with my mob) - but since this is free for life - I might move my files here.
    btw, is there any way to remotely upload my stuffs from dropbox to this-"box"?

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