Galaxy S IV to Unify Samsung’s Galaxy S and Note Series

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    Samsung Electronics has been long rumored to plan the launch of a successor of its Galaxy S III smartphone next year, and some more info on the device has emerged.

    Referred to as Galaxy S IV, the handset is now rumored to be launched with features that will allow it to fit both into Samsung’s Galaxy S series, and into the company’s Galaxy Note family of devices.

    Basically, the upcoming flagship smartphone is expected to unify the two lineups when launched in April next year.

    This is not the first time we hear that Samsung might put the phone on shelves in the second quarter of the next year, after having it finalized by March.

    However, it seems that we won’t be seeing the phone at CES 2013 in January, and that it remains to be seen whether Samsung will indeed unveil it at MWC in Barcelona in February, as previously rumored.

    Galaxy S IV will be unveiled with S Pen capabilities, as well as with the accompanying apps and functionality, just as the Note series devices were launched with. The move has been allegedly confirmed through an official comment from Samsung.

    The upcoming device has also been rumored to sport a 5-inch 1080p AMOLED display, which makes sense given the above rumor.

    The phone is also said to sport a quad-core Exynos 5440 processor inside, supposedly manufactured using 28nm high-K metal gate technology.

    On the back, the phone will sport a 13-megapixel photo snapper with auto-focus, full HD video recording and high-end capabilities. Galaxy S IV is said to feature a 9.2mm body, yet nothing has been confirmed so far on its specs.

    Recent rumors suggested that Samsung might not launch the phone under the Galaxy S IV name, given that number four is considered bad luck in South Korea, and it remains to be seen whether the company will choose a hybrid name between the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note series.

  2. comp@ddict

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  3. ayanavish

    ayanavish - binned -

    Galaxy (s)tone! Hopefully Sammy can translate the sales of S3 and Note into one
  4. 2kool2btrue

    2kool2btrue Active Member

    Bad move indeed. Not all people prefer such big phones. 4.5" display is the maximum a phone should carry else it goes into the phablet territory. Also, I remember having read a survey where people said that 4" is the optimum size for a display in a phone..
  5. kvignesh

    kvignesh Member

    A bad move and will most probably reduce the sales volume on "galaxy s" series side.
  6. sasikanth8

    sasikanth8 Active Member

    I would never buy a phone which is more than 4.3" display.
  7. raksrules

    raksrules Well-Known Member

    Never say never
    I would always say that I will never buy an iPhone but today we have 3 iPhones in our family.
    You never know what might entice you in future.
  8. alekhkhanna

    alekhkhanna Well-Known Member

    Noooo ! Cannot fathom a phone less than 5.3 inches after using Note. :(
  9. eggman

    eggman Active Member

    Just another rumor!

    From buisness POV it doesn't make any sense at all.

    Really doubt if it'll happen.
  10. max_demon

    max_demon @maxdemon

    thats why there's a 4" galaxy s3 too.. :p i guess sammy should keep both lines 4" and bigger than 4" line so that people who need either can go for one..
  11. Aces170

    Aces170 Well-Known Member

    Amen coming from the other end of the stable, I cannot move to a smaller screen now.
  12. sumatrix

    sumatrix Well-Known Member

    i always wanted a phone with a 5 inch screen after owning the S2 . looks like S4 is for me after S2
  13. Pat

    Pat Well-Known Member

    This is not going to happen. No chance.
  14. aasimenator

    aasimenator MCITP 2008

    I think it is not going to happen too

    Apart from the S Pen, the bigger screen & 2GB RAM there isn't really much difference between Note 2 & S 3... Combining the Note 3 & S IV will mean that Samsung only has 1 chance of success rather than 2 ( 2 separate products both appealing to different demographics)

    Yes Processor / RAM / GPU / "LCD Quality" will be upgraded

    13 mp camera eh!

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