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Discussion in 'Gaming and Consoles' started by Hades., May 28, 2011.

  1. Dhrubo

    Dhrubo Active Member

    Who said you won't? I guess you need to go into the EA store and click on redeem code every month to get your free packs for the first 6 months. Am installing the game right now, will try out the option and report back. BTW @Chirag, i called flipkart cc and they confirmed that the freebies will be sent separately.
  2. chiragsthakur

    chiragsthakur Well-Known Member

    Yeah Dhrubo.. I got a mail confirming the same from flipkart :)

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    I am loving this game a lot.... Amazing...just amazing.... The gameplay speed has been revved up and its not like the one in demo version.. This feels great.. my origin id : chirag231187

    well for now, first match arsenal vs bayern : 0-1 down after 34mins... :)

    edit : Fulltime score stays 0-1 legendary mode..
  3. arsenal_fan

    arsenal_fan Member

    the gameplay is better than the demo?

    ill get one too..all the talk has got me psyched up..:eek:hyeah:
  4. Altair

    Altair Well-Known Member
    Section Mod

    Just saw, my order in transit..Yayy..! :D
    @Chirag-Told you that the gameplay speed will revive when the final version is out. :p Also is your controller working fine? :)
  5. chiragsthakur

    chiragsthakur Well-Known Member

    Yeah man.. Far far far better compared to demo.... :) Arsenals game tactics is awesome man... See Gervinho and Walcott sprint right through the defences.... My first scorer for FIFA12 is Gervinho.. 15yards from left to right corner placed shot and that too against Man utd... ;) But sadly I was ordered to shutdown my PC and sleep, match was cancelled :( ... Awesome... No Fabregas, No Nasri.. All new teams without installing the 3.1gb update... I will install it today.. Guys who wanna play online, please keep your game updated

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    :clap: Ohh thats nice... :p

    Yeah man the controller is working absolutely fine. If anyone needs it then I can send new ones :)

  6. edge111hussain

    edge111hussain Well-Known Member

    The games good, but i am kinda not liking this origin thing. Keeps knocking me out of the EA servers. First 2 games i was winning 2-1 (85 min), 2-0 half time, but still got disconnected on the server which resulted in a loss. Their game where i was losing, d game completed proper :(

    Anyways another thing, d game doesnt start without Origin and for origin you got to be connected all d time to login. Thats almost a deal killer for me, cause on the go, whilst traveling, if i dont have a net connection, origin wont start ---- game wont start. Any way around this???
    PS: origin id: edge098matthaus
  7. Dhrubo

    Dhrubo Active Member

    ^^That is indeed a real bummer. The only time I play career mode is when my net is not working. I hope there is a workaround or someone comes up with one real soon :)

    Impressions on the game - (Before the 3.1 gb update)

    1. It feels slightly different than the demo. The AI is a bit dumb-ed down I guess. (It might also be due to the fact that I did not play against Barca in the full game yet)

    2. The call second defender option allows more pressing. The second defender now not only shadows but snatches the ball away as well. This will make people unhappy with Tactical Defending feel better :p.

    3. The only game I played online the tactical defending seemed to be easier than offline modes (I may be wrong). It allowed to press more. I probably played someone from europe - there was minimal button lag but frame rate dropped quite often making it difficult. Although this might be because of my net speed (around 800kbps, Upgrade is on the cards :D)

    4. Dynamic lighting conditions caused some frame drops as well.

    5. Many small niggles with the connectivity to EA server. Am kind of disappointed with this, hopefully things will look up with the update.

    On my personal game - I am really struggling even at Professional. Full manuals and first month on a controller is really $crewing things up for me. My important passes land on my opponents feet, I go past attackers instead of they going past me and most importantly on occasions I do get in front of a goal I shoot for the corner flags :mad:. All my goals so far have been either from penalty or finesses shots from outside the box.

    After years of FIFA this time around it actually possesses a challenge which has got me hooked to the game yet again (I almost thought FIFA 11 would be the last FIFA I would play on a regular basis).

    P.S - See you all at after 10 tonight.
  8. chiragsthakur

    chiragsthakur Well-Known Member

    Yeah but I am playing on keyboard.. Just checked my controller, worked well, but didnt play with it or else I would have lost matches badly on legendary mode. I have been accustomed to keyboard and it still works well with this game...

    Dhrubo you are right, about 90% of my aerials thruballs are blocked or defended well... The opposition defence is great on legendary mode... I will play with all you guys today after 7pm :)
  9. Infected

    Infected Well-Known Member
    Adept one getting this on PS3 or what?
  10. fLUX

    fLUX Active Member


    Do we have option to map keys in keyboard like in fifa 11 before game ?? , in demo that option was not present.
  11. chiragsthakur

    chiragsthakur Well-Known Member

    No there aint any even in the final release... I have copied buttonconfig.ini from FIFA11 and so its working, same way as we did for FIFA12 demo...
  12. fLUX

    fLUX Active Member

    Damn it ..... Looks like i will have to play fifa 11 and setup the key properly once again been almost a year sincei played fifa 11.
  13. Aman27deep

    Aman27deep Well-Known Member

    Origin starts in offline mode also guys. That's how i am playing FIFA 12 career currently as i have no home net.
  14. yashchitale

    yashchitale Active Member

    Come online narbs!

    Check what the firewall status in fifa says.. in the main menu hover over online and an icon will come up there telling you your firewall status.. If it is restrictive you'll have to check your modem NAT settings.. Enable uPnP and add your computer's IP to DMZ exception after enabling it..

    Mine starts without being online.. It just says offline there.. But i can still play.. Try starting with the Fifa icon directly.. Have you updated?
  15. indy1811

    indy1811 Well-Known Member

    Anybody who placed their order on have any info on when we might get it?
  16. chiragsthakur

    chiragsthakur Well-Known Member

    ^^ Na. Did you try calling letsbuy CC?? AFAIK, many of us commenting here had ordered from flipkart
  17. indy1811

    indy1811 Well-Known Member

    The release date is 30th September so i know what the cc is going to say... :)
  18. Dhrubo

    Dhrubo Active Member

    ^ that is exactly why most of us ordered from flipkart. Letsbuy is quite far from the level of service that we come to expect from Flipkart.

    Hell, Flipkart should start selling groceries and apparel now ;)

  19. kris

    kris New Member

    Hi all, got my copy. Finding the game a bit tough, and both matches I played were lost. Defending is definitely a lot tougher, and the gameplay a bit slow as compared to older versions. But its all for the better though, and I will play it and improve my dismal record when I get time.

    btw, my origin name: Hewhohasnoname
  20. dhanveer16

    dhanveer16 New Member

    guys i got my fifa12 delivered from flipkart yesterday,i had pre ordered it,but i did not receive any pre order codes,how do i get my free fut packs then??

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