Fallout New Vegas DLL Performance Fix (Crowded area fix)

Discussion in 'Gaming and Consoles' started by nikrusty, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. nikrusty

    nikrusty Happy TE User

    Hi Guys,

    If you've been gaming Fallout New Vegas and having performance issues in crowded areas (I'm sure u would), then there is an unofficial fix.

    THe Fix

    All u gotta do is put this dll in the same folder as Fallout New vegas (not in any subfolders, in the main folder itself) and start the game, The NV launcher will reset saying new config found or something.

    For NVIDIA cards the fix can be found here

    Nvidia d3d9 perf fix at Fallout New Vegas Nexus - New Vegas mods and community

    For ATI cards the fix is here

    Alternate D3D9 fix for ATI plus Generator at Fallout New Vegas Nexus - New Vegas mods and community

    What the Fix does

    "This .dll file is essentially a light-wrapper for a 'supported' video card's .dll, which tricks the game into configuring its FaceGen software (which was causing a performance problem) in a more efficient manner." (HT @ "4000qails")

    This will make your game run nearly like fallout 3 ran on your same computer. Like it should since there was very little visual improvements.

    Apparently the idiots who made Fallout New Vegas didn't test it or something coz every machine out there is having this issue. The Fallout engine isn't heavy, yet the issues prop up.

    Until an official patch does something about this, this is ur only option. I can assure u this works as I was on the New Vegas Strip and the game slow down quite a bit, it becomes choppy! After I tinkered with settings to Low and 800 X 600 res on a 260GTX with Phenom X4 940, the problem still wasn't resolved. I knew the issue was the stupidly coded game. I just put the dll and hope and prayed and voila, no choppiness!

    ...Questions I had in Mind before using the dll fix...

    Does this affect other games?

    Of course not, it is only put in the Fallout New Vegas folder…duh.

    Does it reduce the ugly mugs of the NPC?

    U mean does it change anything on the faces in the game…NOPE. Even if it does, it isn’t observable. I played the game for 10 hours or so after the dll fix and didn’t find any change in the already ugly NPC faces.

    Will it ruin my saves?

    Of course not, it has nothing to do with it. But since the game has that issue (so I’ve heard but not personally encountered), just copy the save games in a different location after playing. This is my general habit for RPG’s actually!
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  2. jc36lect3r

    jc36lect3r Well-Known Member

    +1, thanks. I was having same issue in Camp MacMarran.
  3. ubergeek

    ubergeek Well-Known Member

    guys where is the save game fie located for Fallout new vegas?
  4. teracore

    teracore Well-Known Member

    My Documents\My Games\FalloutNV.

    @OP: thanks
  5. Aces170

    Aces170 Well-Known Member

    Yep, this saved a lot of slowdown issues!! And I was thinking about upgrading my PC, as it was finally slowing down in games. But I guess not, it still chugs along :p
  6. OP

    nikrusty Happy TE User

    Glad I could help dudes, enjoy!!! Just remember to remove the dll if new updates come to see, if the silly prob is fixed!

    Apparently there have been two updates on steam, but neither have fixed this issue, but they have fixed some scripting issues et all. BE WARNED, save ur precious save files before updating and running the game!
  7. jojothedragon

    jojothedragon Well-Known Member

    Thanks man. Just used it and it fixes the issue.
  8. OP

    nikrusty Happy TE User

    Oh I did forget to mention, due to the hacked dll, now Fallout NV thinks I have a NVIDIA 7900GS card. Imagine that!! LOL. ATI cards will shift to some other ATI version. I still can't believe this hacked shit has to be done to run this game. Incredibly sad job Obsidian!

    Bethesda should update their GameBryo engine or make a different engine now, this engine is too old and is showing it's cracks! Wouldn't it be cool if they used Source engine (as it runs beautifully on anything), looks great and has the best animations, especially facewise. (Remember the opening scenic moments of HL2 back in 2005)....INCREDIBLE...i still haven't forgotten the amazing desolate/depressed expression on the citizens. Now thats what RPGs need! Good actors visually not just thru voice!
  9. jc36lect3r

    jc36lect3r Well-Known Member

    I think you used the file for ATi. Use the D3D9Gen b3 to generate your own dll by choosing your graphics card from the list. Although I agree the engine sucks.
  10. OP

    nikrusty Happy TE User

    No dude, I've used the NVIDIA fix, there are two, first one = 7900GS profile and the second = 8600GT profile. Strangely the 8600GT profile doesn't work for me, it just shows a blank screen when booting up the game, so shifted back to the first 7900GS profile. Point being it really doesn't matter. Even if it does it would be too darn minute to care about! As it is I'm 64+ hours in the game, it really wouldn't matter perceptually!

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