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    EPIC killing this game with every new update.
    My observations after playing Fortnite - Battle Royale on PC for a month.
    • I thought it would be good replacement for “TF2 from its golden days”. But I was wrong. This game is not focused on gameplay, rather focus on micro transactions - which gradually killed TF2.
    • This game forces user to grind, just like mafia wars forced us on Facebook, back then. Progressing after a level is very very tough.
    • EPIC’s primary focus is pushing new skins and make money rather fixing bugs. The game is full of bugs. For example players can exploit collision box bugs and go under the level and shoot users from under ground.
    • Skins are costly, each cost 1500-2000 in-game currency called vBuks, which can only be acquired by purchase. 1000 vBuks costs $10.
    • Not fixed gameplay. They say the game is still beta. Every week game mode changes. Frustrating for new players.
    • Too much hype is created in media, high profile tournaments are conducted to multiply this hype.
    • Too many sponsored players. Search YouTube and the name ninja will appear. He was rigged to win the recent tournament. Hell lot of propaganda in YouTube and twich painting this game excellent, which is not. Not at this point.
    • New players can’t win. This divert their attention to look better and stand different from crowd. Exploiting psychology very well.
    • Too manky underaged kids playing this game. My “game buddy” study in class-4 and has almost all the good skins and emotes ( I never went live on mic with him as I want him to think me as of his age group, else I will loose the fun playing with him).
    • Pings from India is terrible. Earlier it use to be ~80, now its hovers around 125. Sometimes won’t register kills.
    • With every new updates FPS are dropping. When I stared playing my avg FPS was 75-90. FPS never dropped below 50 even in intense fighting scenes. Now average FPS is 55 and drops to 27 -35 in intense fight. My settings were set to high from day one.
    • It’s one unique game where you can’t take screenshots (like F12 in steam games).

    Not a game for serious gamer.
    Should have bought 2 copies of PUBG with the money I wasted in this game till now. Will stop playing and uninstall it after the season ends in next 3weeks if bugs are not fixed (which im sure won’t fixed).

    Not recommended at this time. Let the beta phase get over. Let the game play balanced a little. Until then I would say this a disaster.
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    Wow. This is not a review. The game has positives and i would point out that too if it was a review.
    More like you are unable to play it properly and you just wanted to vent.

    EPIC adds a lot of content and keeps changing the map a lot. There are a lot of minute changes they keep doing to keep something like a story going.
    Season to season they make the major changes. But patch to patch, there is a lot of focus on skins.
    But the fact that epic keeps the game evolving is the reason why people keep returning to the game.

    This is completely up to you. You don't have to grind if you don't want to. The levels don't hold any effect on gameplay.

    They can be acquired from playing save the world missions (which will go free later in the year).

    This I dont agree at all. It take a while to master the building mechanics and how to play well (like any game).
    But new players are also on a level playing field.

    The experience will be different for each person. Since it is free always give it a try.
    I have played this game a lot and not spent a single penny on it.
    You dont have to if you dont want to.
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    Yes, thanks for pointing it out, as I said my observations. Edited the title to make it clear.

    Edit: yes I jumped the gun too early. should have played for few months, understanding the game before putting money and buying battle passes and skins. I should not have regretted now.

    Also it’s not venting out at all. Bugs and performance is serious issue at this point of game.
    And I will repeat again, epic primary focus is not on betterment of this game rather pushing cosmetics.

    They are modifying weapons to specifically cater their sponsored players, screwing the balance of game.
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