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    Hello, I need help with this:

    1. Display the average of the n largest elements in a list.

    Example: if the list {2,5,7,2,3,4} and the value 3 are presented, the function should present the average of the 3 largest values, in this case {7,5,4}

    I used choose function and it didn't work, please help me I need this for tomorrow

    and this :

    2. Receive two lists, of equal size, with integer values. Also receive a x value to look for. Result of the function: add the value present in the second list where the position corresponds to a position with value equal to x in list 1.

    Example: if the input is L1 = {1,2,8,2,1,6}, L2 = {1,3,2,4,2,3} and x = 2, the output will be: 3 + 4. The positions in L1 equal to x are position 2, which in L2 has the value 3 and the position 4, which in L2 has the value 4.

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