Android End of Xiaomi ?

Discussion in 'Mobiles and Tablets' started by meetdilip, May 8, 2017.

  1. meetdilip

    meetdilip Well-Known Member

    Since the departure of their VP Hugo Burra, Xiaomi has not announced anything great. There were so many innovations previously. Burra now heads the VR division of Facebook.

    Will Redmi series go the Moto way with change in leadership ?
  2. Emperor

    Emperor Well-Known Member

    Considering SO MANY complaints with RN4 SCREEN (dead pixel issue) .... you may be prove correct in near future....

    just like I LOST faith in Moto after LENOVO took over from Google
  3. PHOENiX117

    PHOENiX117 Well-Known Member

    was thinking of getting a redmi note 4? should i nix the decision?
  4. Emperor

    Emperor Well-Known Member

    Search online... for user review....

    they get anything like made in india or Made in china.... no details abut what kind of screen glass etc. etc.
  5. salman8506

    salman8506 Active Member

    Redmi note 4 looks like a redo of note3. Doesnt offer much of an upgrade platform wise. So yes your deduction might be correct...
  6. TigerKing

    TigerKing Member

    I'm using one.. didn't find any issue.. overall great experience..
    1st time using MIUI..

    Basically all things are assembled in India. There is video provided by Xiaomi about working village women in their factory..
    Don't know any product fully created in India.
    There is no Gorilla Glass protection. IPS LCD display. FHD 401 ppi.
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  7. RamSai

    RamSai Member

    Even my phone suddenly started showing dead pixels
    not just 1 or 2, there are like 10 all around
    whats the fix for this?
    service center offering free screen replacement?
  8. vivek.krishnan

    vivek.krishnan If you cant see the green dot, I'm offline :P

    With the departure of a high level exec, things will come to a slowdown and then pickup.

    As for the RN4 issues, RN4 user here, not heard of these.

    I would suggest to put an email as ask for help with regards to this if visiting an ASSC is not an option.
  9. sydras

    sydras Well-Known Member

    After having purchased a Redmi 3S Prime for use in my wife's clinic, I tried it out for myself. My experience led me to question why folks still recommend Redmi. I mean sure the specs are great for the price but the display and the software experience left much to be desired. The screen was dull, the UI seemed laggy and the MI browser kept crashing.

    To be fair to the 3S prime, I was comparing it to my Sony Xperia XZ (with an amazing, amazing display and runs butter smooth on near stock Android Nougat with regular system updates - simply a joy to use) which is better in terms of specs but I did not enjoy my experience at all with the Redmi device.

    The fact that it's made in India scares me even more. We always compromise on manufacturing and especially QA. Funny thing it that my maid also has a Redmi 3S prime (there goes our pride of owning a Redmi device) and after a small drop, the charging port got damaged and the USB charging cable wouldn't fit. Not something you would expect with a phone that has hardly been abused.

    I'm just glad that we use the 3S prime as a business phone where the battery life comes in handy.
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  10. Harpy.eagle

    Harpy.eagle Well-Known Member

    ^^ you are comparing 720p screen with FHD screen in 5.2 inch size. Also comparing performance of SD 430 with last years flagship SD 820 chipset. How is that fair? Why dont you compare price bracket both are sold at?

    Its like saying bmw is way better than maruti. So the question is, does maruti have 40L to 60L price product to be comparable to bmw?

    Xioami phones are best bangs for buck in market now. They have some flaws like OS, service quality, not being developer friendly......but in price segment they are sold, they offer best in market. You should compare redmi 3s prime with whatever other companies are giving in same price range. That would be fair.
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  11. vivek.krishnan

    vivek.krishnan If you cant see the green dot, I'm offline :P

    Using Xiaomi phones from the time they were launched in India. They are paisa vasool for the money and offer better build quality compared to Micromax and the likes.

    I would agree with @Harpy.eagle on this, you get what you pay for. My experience with Xiaomi has been better than Micromax/Yu Series, Intex, Karbonn, Spice etc. Plus, the fact that many (if not all) of the Xiaomi phones get custom ROMs is a plus, as this gives extra life to the phone long after the company throws in the bucket.
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  12. RakaKaKaka

    RakaKaKaka Well-Known Member

    Never knew how xiaomi was pronounced untill today. :p:p:rolleyes::cigar:
  13. swatkats

    swatkats Well-Known Member

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  14. swatkats

    swatkats Well-Known Member

    Nobody would deny this. Phones are completely value for money, However because of their rock bottom pricing.. people now decide the price of Flagships. According to them Flagships shouldn't cost more than 20k

    The other day i hear my friend saying..

    SD 4XX SoC phones - Under 8k
    SD 6XX SoC phones - Under 12k
    SD 8XX SoC phones - Under 20k.

    Spending more than 20k is waste of money according to majority of them. Fork R&D. That's why Now a days you see, iPhone design Clones and iOS software copy-paste.

    And also not to forget 5.5" Screen and 720p Display from greatest Oppo and Vivo. :D

  15. vivek.krishnan

    vivek.krishnan If you cant see the green dot, I'm offline :P

    Some consider that Xiaomi is a Slytherin product, since its pronounced in Parseltongue :p
  16. paarkhi

    paarkhi Well-Known Member

  17. PHOENiX117

    PHOENiX117 Well-Known Member

    I have been a die hard android fan since a long time, been using android devices since the 2.3 gingerbread / 2012 nexus 7 era, I always preferred android over apple, I brought a redmi note 4 black 32gb/3gb version 2 months ago, if anything it trashed the respect of android for me, like pick it up and throw it in the dustbin level bad, I am standing in a line at 2 am and buying the next iphone, because as the old apple commercial said "If you don't have an iPhone, well, You Don't have an iPhone",

    - Build quality is garbage, i posted here after 2 days of owning this phone how a 1 feet drop on carpet put a major scratch on the back.

    - fingerprint sensor started wearing off on day one, looks like i have been using it for 2+ years, and is ultra sensitive, touch it with your arm and phone will vibrate repeatedly trying to recognize a fingerprint

    -screen had 2-3 deep scratches after 3 days, it was kept on a desk most of the time.

    -battery is fine, no complains there.

    -built in DAC/AMP sucks, iphone 6 has noticeably better audio quality, using M50X

    - why do i need to APPLY for permission to unlock bootloader, this is my Fu**ing Phone, i eat it for breakfast if i wish.

    -Camera has issues with Autofocus, I use a Dslr whenever i travel, but but but like seriously this camera is below what i fell is mediocre for a phone, like 3.5/10

    not related to phone----

    -android tablets Still Suck

    -Google play music severely lacks western music, i listen to Country, pop and paying double for apple music is like the only option I have, and apple music app sucks on android.

    Plus apple music on ios allows you to access your music library without internet and also the songs you purchased from itunes, you can't even access the songs you paid for with apple music on android without internet.
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  18. i_rock098

    i_rock098 Active Member

    Ok let's answer that one by one shall we.
    Before we start I hope you do realise you are comparing a phone that costs 66k (iPhone 7 plus 32gb) to a phone that costs 11k. If that is not answer enough let's start point wise.

    Points 1,2 and 3 about the build quality. Xiaomi makes pretty solid phones and you are one of the very rare people who have complains on that end. But still giving you the benefit of doubt. You are comparing the build quality of a phone at 11k to one at 66k. At that price you can buy 3 Redmi note's and still have money saved to have a Bangkok trip with friends to that that awesome massage. Even if you are not a fan of Thai massage you could have bought a HTC, Sony, oneplus, Samsung flagship if you wanted top class built quality.

    Point 4, battery life of the Redmi Note 4 is absolutely amazing. The iPhone doesn't hold a candle against it in that regard. You will realise it when your workmate asks for iphone walla charger in 6 hours when your phone hasn't been charged in 3 days. Enough said.

    Point 5, the dac of the Redmi doesn't suck but yeah the iPhone is better. But like I said when you are paying 6 times the cost your phone better spit out John Lennon himself when you play his songs.

    Point 6, hahah this is my favorite point. Forget bootloader do you realise apple doesn't let you install apps outside of the app store forget allowing you to unlock your bootloader on an iPhone. Infact it goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure you can't jailbreak your phone. One of the primary reasons why the jailbreaking scene has gone down so much. While it's bad that they require a unlock code, once you get that you can even run potato os on your phone if you want to. It's your phone you can run what you want. Try running toaster os on your iPhone :)

    Point 7, well if you expect dslr quality photos you buy a dslr but even if you don't like the photos it clicks again you do realise you are paying 1/6th the cost. You want mind blowing photography from your phone buy a Samsung galaxy s8

    The non phone related points.

    One word Spotify :) (it's free :wink: :wink:)
    And before you say what I know you will say, another word VPN.
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  19. PHOENiX117

    PHOENiX117 Well-Known Member

    First of all, i never compared a iphone 7 to a redmi note 4.

    points 1, 2, & 3,

    Price point is not a justification for poor quality control, not when you are a multi billion dollar company selling products at a fixed price point and advertising features at that price point.

    lets say ford is selling ecosport (redmi note 4) and mustang (mi note 2,mi mix), If the engine in Some ecosport models gives up after touch 100 kmph on a concrete road, Ford will be obliged to do something about it, the car can drive at 100, i drove it at 100, not that it broke, they wont tell you "its not a mustang dude, you get what you pay for!"

    There are ecosport owners who dont have that issue,they are happy with it, its selling well (in this case, happy redmi note 4 owners), there are Ford models and vehicles that dont have this issue (redmi 3s, and my personal Mi air purifier, mi mechanical keyboard)

    I used the phone normally, how i used my nexus 5, 5x, moto G and a lot of other budget phones, i held the phones before on same regards as iphones, but this time, I cannot due to the build quality issues above.

    point 4, "battery is fine, no complains there" as i said above.

    point 5, once again, i was not expecting this, i was not expecting a downgrade, thats my statement, that is why i wrote it.

    point 6, That doesn't change the fact i did not have to apply for some BS permission and wait a month to unlock the boot loader of my nexus devices, Why do i have to do it now? i will do it because its an android phone, and this was the first thing i did with an android phone.

    apple is gradually opening up Ios, If i can jailbreak, i will, but if i cant its fine, VLC, night shift a lot of things people jail-broke for are appearing on the app store.

    point 7, the camera disappointed me compared to the phones before, i was not expecting DSLR quality, i clearly said that, but it still did, that is my point there.

    spotify free on mobile has a lot of restrictions, poor quality, is 6700 per year to beat apple music, apple music is 1600.
  20. i_rock098

    i_rock098 Active Member

    You are not getting the point mate, since you like cars so much let me make you understand I'm terms of car.

    You can't complain that your Honda City(Redmi Note) is not fast and sturdy enough compared to your carbon fiber imposed Lamborghini Aventador(iPhone 7 plus). The City has a rock steady workhorse of a engine with a good chassis that is loved by almost everyone as a practical car which is good for 90% of the people. But ofcourse you may have a choice, you may like the Italian charm and roar of your Aventador more and that's nothing wrong. But what is wrong is that if you want another car to perform and be the same in the built quality you have to open up your purse and buy a premium priced car. You buy a Bugatti Veyron (Galaxy S8) or Aston Martin Valkyrie (LG G6) or KOENIGSEGG CCR (Sony Xperia ZX) or MCLAREN F1(Oneplus 5) and then it would be fair. Not asking Honda to put in a carbon fiber structure in the city because you want the sturdiness of your Aventador in fraction of the cost.

    The other point I don't agree with at all is the bootloader. You have a problem with asking Xiaomi for an unlock code to unlock your bootloader but you are perfectly fine with Apple not even allowing you to do the same? Why the difference? Why do you just expect things to be because it's not designed by people wearing turtle neck t-shirts. If you are comparing it to an iPhone you are only allowed to complain for that extra step the day apple allows you to unlock the bootloader of your iPhone and install potato os on it if you want to. Why is it ok to be restricted by apple to do something on a phone which you own?
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