Android End of Xiaomi ?

Discussion in 'Mobiles and Tablets' started by meetdilip, May 8, 2017.

  1. meetdilip

    meetdilip Active Member

    Since the departure of their VP Hugo Burra, Xiaomi has not announced anything great. There were so many innovations previously. Burra now heads the VR division of Facebook.

    Will Redmi series go the Moto way with change in leadership ?
  2. Emperor

    Emperor Well-Known Member

    Considering SO MANY complaints with RN4 SCREEN (dead pixel issue) .... you may be prove correct in near future....

    just like I LOST faith in Moto after LENOVO took over from Google
  3. PHOENiX117

    PHOENiX117 Well-Known Member

    was thinking of getting a redmi note 4? should i nix the decision?
  4. Emperor

    Emperor Well-Known Member

    Search online... for user review....

    they get anything like made in india or Made in china.... no details abut what kind of screen glass etc. etc.
  5. salman8506

    salman8506 Active Member

    Redmi note 4 looks like a redo of note3. Doesnt offer much of an upgrade platform wise. So yes your deduction might be correct...
  6. TigerKing

    TigerKing Member

    I'm using one.. didn't find any issue.. overall great experience..
    1st time using MIUI..

    Basically all things are assembled in India. There is video provided by Xiaomi about working village women in their factory..
    Don't know any product fully created in India.
    There is no Gorilla Glass protection. IPS LCD display. FHD 401 ppi.
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  7. RamSai

    RamSai Member

    Even my phone suddenly started showing dead pixels
    not just 1 or 2, there are like 10 all around
    whats the fix for this?
    service center offering free screen replacement?
  8. vivek.krishnan

    vivek.krishnan Error Code 451

    With the departure of a high level exec, things will come to a slowdown and then pickup.

    As for the RN4 issues, RN4 user here, not heard of these.

    I would suggest to put an email as ask for help with regards to this if visiting an ASSC is not an option.
  9. sydras

    sydras Well-Known Member

    After having purchased a Redmi 3S Prime for use in my wife's clinic, I tried it out for myself. My experience led me to question why folks still recommend Redmi. I mean sure the specs are great for the price but the display and the software experience left much to be desired. The screen was dull, the UI seemed laggy and the MI browser kept crashing.

    To be fair to the 3S prime, I was comparing it to my Sony Xperia XZ (with an amazing, amazing display and runs butter smooth on near stock Android Nougat with regular system updates - simply a joy to use) which is better in terms of specs but I did not enjoy my experience at all with the Redmi device.

    The fact that it's made in India scares me even more. We always compromise on manufacturing and especially QA. Funny thing it that my maid also has a Redmi 3S prime (there goes our pride of owning a Redmi device) and after a small drop, the charging port got damaged and the USB charging cable wouldn't fit. Not something you would expect with a phone that has hardly been abused.

    I'm just glad that we use the 3S prime as a business phone where the battery life comes in handy.
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  10. Harpy.eagle

    Harpy.eagle Active Member

    ^^ you are comparing 720p screen with FHD screen in 5.2 inch size. Also comparing performance of SD 430 with last years flagship SD 820 chipset. How is that fair? Why dont you compare price bracket both are sold at?

    Its like saying bmw is way better than maruti. So the question is, does maruti have 40L to 60L price product to be comparable to bmw?

    Xioami phones are best bangs for buck in market now. They have some flaws like OS, service quality, not being developer friendly......but in price segment they are sold, they offer best in market. You should compare redmi 3s prime with whatever other companies are giving in same price range. That would be fair.
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  11. vivek.krishnan

    vivek.krishnan Error Code 451

    Using Xiaomi phones from the time they were launched in India. They are paisa vasool for the money and offer better build quality compared to Micromax and the likes.

    I would agree with @Harpy.eagle on this, you get what you pay for. My experience with Xiaomi has been better than Micromax/Yu Series, Intex, Karbonn, Spice etc. Plus, the fact that many (if not all) of the Xiaomi phones get custom ROMs is a plus, as this gives extra life to the phone long after the company throws in the bucket.
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  12. RakaKaKaka

    RakaKaKaka Active Member

    Never knew how xiaomi was pronounced untill today. :p:p:rolleyes::cigar:
  13. swatkats

    swatkats The Troubleshooter!

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  14. swatkats

    swatkats The Troubleshooter!

    Nobody would deny this. Phones are completely value for money, However because of their rock bottom pricing.. people now decide the price of Flagships. According to them Flagships shouldn't cost more than 20k

    The other day i hear my friend saying..

    SD 4XX SoC phones - Under 8k
    SD 6XX SoC phones - Under 12k
    SD 8XX SoC phones - Under 20k.

    Spending more than 20k is waste of money according to majority of them. Fork R&D. That's why Now a days you see, iPhone design Clones and iOS software copy-paste.

    And also not to forget 5.5" Screen and 720p Display from greatest Oppo and Vivo. :D

  15. vivek.krishnan

    vivek.krishnan Error Code 451

    Some consider that Xiaomi is a Slytherin product, since its pronounced in Parseltongue :p
  16. paarkhi

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