"E-Sports Federation of India"- the latest gaming scam to rock the country

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    For those unaware, the Indian E-Sports community was very recently rocked by an ugly controversy involving a private organization called "E-Sports Federation of India (ESFI) who claim to be the "National governing body of e-sports in India" (lol). And this organization E-Sports Federation of India is apparently the Indian branch of the Asian E-Sports Federation (AESF) and AESF is in charge of doing the E-Sports event in the Asian Games 2018. Yes! E-Sports in the Asian Games!

    For more details about the Asian Games
    League of Legends among the debut esports titles at 2018 Asian Games

    Now, two days ago on June 7, a very popular Indian CSGO personality and caster "Bleh" posted on Twitter the player contracts made by the ESFI and I quote him:
    You can see some of the screenshots of the contracts below:
    This news spread like wildfire and many prominent E-Sports personalities and journalists picked it up.

    This forced the ESFI to release the statement below on their Facebook page

    News posted on:

    [unikrn] India's Asian Games Contract Forces Players to Pay for Travel & More
    [Gamegeek.gg] E-Sports Federation of India Controversy
    [ESPN] Three lawyers weigh in on the Esports Federation of India player contract

    And as for how this bs of a company managed to get the rights and authority from the Asian E-Sports Federation will be for discussion on another day because nothing about it is known right now.

    PS: Forgive me for any mistake or error on my part, I'm typing all these from my mobile. :D
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    betterment of whom? all costs etc is borne by player, and if he does not turn up, then he has to pay the bs company for 'their' anticipated losses within 15 days? they want free money from fools.
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    I know man.
    It's like this,
    ESFI to the national rep. teams: you will go participate in the event at your own cost and expenditure. You will do all the work and whatever we tell you. You cannot back out from it. If you win something we will take our share. But if you do anything which can land us in trouble or give us a bad name we will take legal action against you (having signed the contract and agreement form).
    "Scam" may not be the most appropriate word for this but looking at how this thing is, it's nothing short of a scam.
    This is ****ed up. And the saddest part? The parent organization Asian E-Sports Federation (AESF) is still silent on the matter.
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    useless federation who don't want to do anything other than look like complete d--ks.

    sports people should boycott this federation and its parent body too. zero representation from india in any games. let the govt eat mud.
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    The Indian counterpart has not been recognized by the IOC (yet) let alone the GOI so I don't think the govt will be bothered to even listen to the issues.

    ESFI apparently did a small talk with AFK gaming about the whole issue and while the article doesn't say much and gives little clarity and information than what we already know it does bring up something very interesting (something which I personally never expected):
    There they said something about being in talks with "various stake holders", who or what org these are they didn't say but if some renowned people really did discussed with them or come to some sort of understanding and agreement with ESFI then things could get nasty. Truth be told, people just want to have a share of the pie. But it's not surprising because Asian Games is no minor event or tiny feat to play in.

    As for the boycott, it's easier said than done. The Asian body, AESF, is the main org which is directly related to the Asian Games. Boycotting them would bring no benefit to the Indian community whatsoever. But what we can do as a community is bring an overhaul change in its Indian arm, ESFI.
    But the tricky thing here is what's being said in that screenshot. If the reputed event organizers don't stand with the community then it will be a huge mess. Because some personalities are in contract with them and if their orgs decide to somehow work together with ESFI I doubt they will just openly speak it up. This is just my speculation for now.

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