Dual SIM, GPRS, NO CAM, <2k Budget

Discussion in 'Mobile Phone Buying Advice' started by MHG, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. MHG

    MHG New Member

    This is for a friend of mine.

    I've a Nokia 2323 which meets the required specifications, but this friend of mine needs something similar but Dual SIM.

    Looking at new sasta Indian Co's which seem to have a lot of these phones. 2k budget is including tax and vat. Lower the better since its a secondary phone.
  2. baccilus

    baccilus Well-Known Member

    I am interested in buying a similar phone. Looking forward to replies to this thread.
  3. manu1991

    manu1991 Barely Alive

    Micromax Q1 ~ 1.8k

    Dual SIM

    Qwerty Keypad

    No Cam

    Slightly expensive , Spice QT44 ~ 2.2k

    Dual Sim

    Qwerty Keypad

    No Cam

    Has 2 memory card slots
  4. Konquerror

    Konquerror Active Member

  5. raksrules

    raksrules Well-Known Member

    Spice M3636

    Spice M4242

    Micromax X116

    Micromax X114
  6. think123

    think123 Active Member

    guys do have a look at samsung c3212 also.i have recently bought it for 3.5k

    samsung duos series is the only series of dual sim mobile which has 2on technology that means if you are on call on sim1 and if call comes on sim2 thing it will keep the call in waiting and tell that the number is busy.

    in all the rest of the dual sim mobile whichever you take zen,micromax,karbonn,fly,spice etc. they all will show that the phone is switched off
  7. OP

    MHG New Member

    No QWERTY please. And something compact. Shouldn't look flashy. This is very important.
  8. sasa110

    sasa110 New Member

    i think you should go in for a dual sim chinese phone if that contains opera mini (if such a thing is available, no idea if it is).

    the thing is, the browsing experience on your 2323 opera mini will be "much" better than the ones you will get with wap browsers on the likes of micromax Q1 (which i suppose isnt dual sim) and the spice qt44 (which is available for 1675 on ebay).

    if you want something similar to 2323 in terms of browsing experience, avoid these. look for something with opera mini (i am suggesting chinese as these will be as i think the only ones available given your pricepoint)

    if browsing experience is not paramount, and just basic access to things like gmail, fb, chat on gmail/yahoo, news, weather etc. is what you are looking for, the qt44 gets by fine. (i have checked it - set up gprs easily with pre-set Idea/Airtel settings, and opened m.facebook, m.gmail, nimbuzz -googlechat/ fbchat (its not program, but web based), m.cricinfo, weather, news (both preset bookmarks) etc.. again, to repeat, the wap browser experience was strictly basic, not as good as one would get on opera mini.

    PS: spice qt44 is qwerty, which i think you dont want. i just took the example to make a point on the browser differences, which i think is crucial between the nokia 2323 (which has a great browser - opera mini) and others which might not have it.
  9. OP

    MHG New Member

    Can't go for chinese since me and my friends greatly fear brain tumors.

    Reason behind "no camera" is our college has banned multimedia phones.

    The phone we buy should support either Java apps and GPRS or have Opera Mini preinstalled. Because browsing, as sasa110 said, is hopeless on most default browsers.

    Spice M4242 seems to be java enabled. But has no GPRS.

    Neither Micromax X114 nor X116 seem to have Java support but have GPRS. Do they come with Opera Mini ? Atleast one of them ?

    Micromax Q1 is not dual sim.

    So all above options are off...

    How about Lemon, Lava, Videocon, Onida, etc ? They got models of the specs I need ?
  10. agantuk

    agantuk Well-Known Member

    Q1 IS Dual Sim.
  11. sasa110

    sasa110 New Member

    support for java apps or opera mini in a branded phone will take the price above 2k. i doubt there is a single phone in the price you are looking for.

    as for radiation, again, its very subjective. chinese phones automatically dont cause more radiation exposure than nokias and samsungs. it depends on other factors such as how far you are from tower, how good the signal is (if the signal is good, the radiation is low...in a closed room where signals are not strong, radiation is high etc.) and whether you use headsets or not.

    there are other factors too, like the position of the internal antenna etc, but by precautions you can bring the risk exposure from any phone to a similar level.

    anyway, one suggestion is the maxx qwerty (forgetting name, yellow color, dhoni advertised it in ipl)..which goes for 2800ish on ebay and has opera mini. use it with discount coupons and it comes close to your price point. but yeah....its qwerty, and you seem to have an aversion for it.

    edit: ignore above maxx suggestion. the yellow one is mq340 and doesnt have opera mini. the higher model mq430 does, and its priced higher. oops!
  12. ujas

    ujas Member

  13. Revolution

    Revolution Banned

    Nokia C2 will come with (CDMA+GSM) or only (GSM+GSM) ?
  14. mutant

    mutant Well-Known Member

    nokia C2 is GSM+GSM ...but it will release around end of this year, with a price tag of 3k....

    btw, i am also looking for a good dual sim phone..with good looks...any1?
  15. sunny27

    sunny27 Stig's Indian Cousin!!!

  16. MohitPreet

    MohitPreet Well-Known Member

    i bought the spice M4242 recently as a backup phone , i wud say its a very nice phone better than the micromax x114 and x118 in the same price range , got a large keypad , has a rubbery feel to it for obviously it being cheap , but nonetheless its a nice phone and for that price u really cant complain ,

    and it has a really loud headset , its louder than my earlier nokia n73 as well :p , yeah thats true
  17. RoBoGhOsT

    RoBoGhOsT Perambulating
    News Reporter

    if you buy spice try it before buying , i bought m4580 as backup phone for spare sim .. its decent phone but the OS is very slow i get bored searching contacts or typing coz it takes time to respond to input :| most of the spice lower range phones are very slow ..

    except that its very decent in thatt price ( i got at 1.8k ) , the speaker is VERY loud , louder than my 5800xm or HTC HD2 .. battery backup is amazing . lasts for more than a week and sometimes 10 days, talktime of 10 hours atleast... can be charged with usb from pc also .
  18. OP

    MHG New Member

    One thing I'm hating about these new companies is that none of them bother to have good online catalogs of their products. Well Lemon Mobile is an exception since they manage a half-decent job of publishing phone specs.

    But nobody comes close to Nokia Forum where the company publishes the maximum level of details anyone would want.

    Anyway, can someone link me to a page having verified detailed specs of phones from Onida Mobiles, Videocon Mobiles, Micromax mobiles and Spice Mobiles ? I already Ruled lemon out since their site clearly says none of their phones match my requirements.
  19. OP

    MHG New Member

    I've almost Zeroed in on Spice QT44 for my friend. I inspected it at a store and it seems to have pretty decent feeling keys.

    Nimbuzz is one reason he is all excited about it.

    But we do want a good browser and/or java support. Many sites claim it has java others don't mention it.

    Anybody using this phone can comment ?

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