Diff between S3 iNDIAN VERSION AND S3 International version

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    Dont know if i have posted this in the correct forum or not.Can someone tell me what is the difference between the S3 indian version and the S3 international version apart from the LTE functionality provided in the intl version. Am asking this as a friend of mine wanted to update his S3 to the JB 4.2.1 firmware which is alreday released for the intl market and not for india. Can he update his Indian s3 to that firmware ???
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    Here you go...

    Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III vs. Samsung I9305 Galaxy S III - GSMArena.com

    I9300 is the International version
    I9305 is the US version i believe

    Btw yes International market includes India when it comes to Samsung. For US based S3 their respective service providers like AT&T etc release the software update or even if samsung releases it, it is only after the providers inject their own bloatwares in it.
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    the international version is the same as the Indian one, its the US version which is different.

    this is the AT&T version:
    Samsung Galaxy S III I747 - Full phone specifications

    has a dual core processor.

    if the model no. is exactly the same, then he can install the firmware released in any country on his phone.
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    As stated above, the Indian version is in fact the International version. The other version out there is the US one.

    The difference is that the US version carries a dual core processor with 2 GB ram and LTE.
    the international version is quad core with 1 GB Ram and no LTE.

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