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  1. Quad Master

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    Hi Guyz

    Wanted to share these sites hope you like it




    exljbris :: Free Quality Font Foundry

    • Fonts 500
    Fonts 500 - the top 500 free fonts from around the web
    • TV/Movie/Brand-themed fonts Themed Fonts Download Free Movie and Music Fonts---------------------------------------------------------------------




    • Dual Screen Wallpapers
    DualScreen Wallpaper
    • InterfaceLift
    InterfaceLIFT: Wallpaper sorted by Date
    • PixelGirl
    Pixelgirl Presents Free Mac and PC icons, Desktops, iPhone Wallpapers and more!
    • Windows Vista wallpaper pack :: World of Photography and Digital Art :: Home
    • Veer Designer Wallapers
    Veer: Ideas: Wallpaper
    • 40 Wallpapers Loaded With Color [Must Check]
    Guyz trust me these are awesome

    Link : 40 Wallpapers Loaded With Color | Webdesigner Depot

    Will Keep on adding more here.

    I know some sites are already known to you guyz but those who dont know

    let them also enjoy. :hap2:
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    coooolllllllllllllllllllll repped!!!!!!!!!!!

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