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Discussion in 'Hot Deals & Coupons' started by xtremevicky, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. xtremevicky

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  2. sajokj

    sajokj New Member

    I think is a aggregator site. Which aggregator all deals in india.

    Dealsupto had helped me know about many deals. I am a daily visitor of this site.

    Today I got a deal which offer Free T-shirts.
  3. saurabhnarula

    saurabhnarula New Member

    just another aggregator site, earns money on advertisements and some times a cut from sales. such sites do not promote a single website. most of the deals listed on this site, you can find them directly on their respective sites.
  4. sajokj

    sajokj New Member

    yes you are rite. But I think its better to visit one place instread of visiting different website. Before I use to visit all different website for deals, Now I visits this forum and Best Deals around the world - Daily Deals, Offers and Group buy for searching deals.

    The bad side is Most of the deals will tempt us to buy that product (becasue of discount given) and we spend money on online shopping, even if we dont need that product 100%. Online shopping is addiction rite?
  5. nanoneo

    nanoneo Active Member

    ^--- Agreed, I'm always tempted to buy some of those random things on I don't need any of them but the temptation is hard to resist.

    Went through dealsupto. Basically its like a cleaner interntaional cousin to desidime.
  6. veer_singh

    veer_singh Active Member

    online shopping is an expensive addiction !!
  7. sajokj

    sajokj New Member

    you are rite. Its strong addiction then Alcohol. I may quit alcohol but cant resist to visit to these kinds of site which share deals and shopping sites with best offers
  8. theoracle

    theoracle Well-Known Member

    Yes guys I also got addicted to online shopping, tried to buy the 16'' Monitor from letsbuy even though I didn't need it, just because the deal looked tempting.
  9. sajokj

    sajokj New Member

    Few years back (1-2 years) I was stick only to Now there are lots of ecommerce website, whcih leads to more offers, In last 2 years we have got more than 50 daily deals site. Its a second come back for ecommerce Business, There is a report on Forbes India July Edition, Please read it, you need to see the amount of money they had invested in this business, most of then are in loss.
  10. sajokj

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  11. chetansha

    chetansha Well-Known Member

    oh yes :( very very expensive addiction
  12. geturchiru

    geturchiru Member

    ^^ Shipping costs 40Rs
  13. sajokj

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  14. sahib

    sahib Active Member

    The galaxy s2 is at an unbeatable price.
  15. sajokj

    sajokj New Member

    can we use gift voucher and discount coupon together to get this deal more sweet?
  16. sajokj

    sajokj New Member

    Just saw special Ebay Voucher on I am not supposed to share the voucher code in this forum.

    Ebay Special Discount Voucher for users

    Terms and Highlights

    This vouchers is valid for Ebay India.

    These are special vouchers for Best Deals around the world - Daily Deals, Offers and Group buy users.

    All vouchers are Valid till 03-DEC-11

    Maximum discount of Rs.750/- (10% discount)

    This vouchers are not locked to any Userid.

    Who ever first use it can use this Voucher

    Please dont share this voucher code in any websites, blogs or Forum's
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  18. sajokj

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  19. sandeepsachin

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  20. sam000

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    Recently got addicted too ordered 3 16GB pendrives and i dont have the slightest clue why [​IMG]

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