Windows Data error. Cyclic redundancy check

Discussion in 'Computer Software' started by Gregory Rankin, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Gregory Rankin

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    Yesterday when I was working with my emails. An error encountered in my Outlook stated thatFile path\filename.pst could not be accessed. Data error. Cyclic redundancy check”

    What is this, I have no idea what to do?
  2. vivek.krishnan

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    The HDD is going kaput. Save whatever you can.
  3. JamesAlison

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    This error message is a sign of damaged in Outlook PST file. It has two main causes as follows:

    1. Software based disk issue

    In case this is because of Software then you can fix it by;

    a. Click on the start and then type Run and hit the Enter button

    b. In the command box type chkdsk c:/f (c: depends on which drive PST is located)

    c. Then it will display the message that it cannot complete the disk check and ask you to continue the process on next reboot then choose Yes (Y) and then you can reboot your computer and then run the ScanPST.exe (Outlook Inbuilt Utility) and repair your PST file.

    2. Hardware Based disk issue

    In case this error is due to hardware based then you need to find the disk errors in System Log of your event viewer. This can be done as:

    Click on the Start> search for the Control Panel > Administrative Tool > Event Viewer
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    Post HDTune screenshots and monitor disk in HD sentinel.

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