Complete Guide to Softmodding and Overclocking your GPU

Discussion in 'Graphic Cards' started by Anish, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. Anish

    Anish Well-Known Member

    Well since nothing like this existed here I created this for noobs to OC'ing...

    Softmodding for GPUs is basically defined as tweaking the card using a certain softwares to enhance performance. The softmodding I am talking about here is limited to unlocking of masked pipes on your GPU. I recommend the use of Riva Tuner for softmodding as well as overclocking. The latest version is V2.0 which supports the latest nVidia WHQL 77.72 drivers.

    How to unlock pipes ?
    Well to start with, unlocking means using extra pipes that the GPU supports but have been masked by the manufacturer for either commercial or other reasons. Now the chipset is fully capable of using these pipes. Unlocking of pipes is best for LE editions, NU cards and stepped down or underclocked versions of higher cards.

    Whew ! That was quite a lot...


    Compared to softmodding, overclocking is somewhat easier !

    Note: Overclocking can be more dangerous than softmodding and I don't take any responsibility for problems caused due to overclocking.

    Overclocking in 5 simple steps :
    1.Open Riva Tuner and under driver settings locate low level system settings.
    2. There you will see you your current clock settings. Select Performance 3D from the menu.
    3. Then slowly increase your core clock by about 10 Mhz and memory clock by about 15-17 Mhz depending on your card.
    4. Click on the test changes button and wait for it to test the stability of your card.
    5. Keep doing this till you find your system unstable and thn revert back to the best settings. Use games like Far Cry, Doom 3 and software like 3D Mark to test the stability of your overclock.

    Simple isn't it ?

    Have fun !

  2. Anish

    Anish Well-Known Member

    Well I think this thread deserves some replies if not more. It took me almost half and hour to type and format it.
  3. Chaos

    Chaos Well-Known Member

    Hm... good job. But you should have mentioned for GeForce 6800 only in the title :)
  4. Blade_Runner

    Blade_Runner New Member

    Will rep you if you prove that unclolocking the extra pipes has improved ur performance. I want benchies with and without the mod. ;)
  5. Anish

    Anish Well-Known Member

    Thanks Chaos, but this is applicable to all cards, its just the number of pixel and vertex pipes that change !

    We can gather some more comments and then reformat then post if felt necessary...

    anishcool posted 1.82 minutes later:

    No problem. I dont have 3D Mark with me now, and its too big to download, what evidence are you looking for, I can post D3 screenshots...
  6. Nikhil

    Nikhil Well-Known Member

    Nice.... but it is for total newbies...... Everyone else will more or less have found out through a miracle called "google" :bleh:

    But nice effort........ as Blade, said...... run some benchies to show the difference. And only D3 will not be enough..... use Fraps and run the test for many more games like Far Cry, HL2, etc.... and of course 3dmarks.

    If we don't know the difference between an unlocked and a locked card, what is the use??
  7. Blade_Runner

    Blade_Runner New Member

    3dmark wud be a good indicator though benchies from doom3 , hl2, farcry shud also do. Run their respective time demos ;)

    You can use these
    Hl2 timedemo bench
    Farcry bench
    or the all in one bench em all
  8. Nikhil

    Nikhil Well-Known Member

    hey Blade....

    Any place to download Doom3 timedemo ?? I am downbloading all the 3 files you have recommended.... Is Doom3 in the third link ???
  9. Blade_Runner

    Blade_Runner New Member

  10. Nikhil

    Nikhil Well-Known Member

    ok. thanks.......
  11. kopema

    kopema New Member

    ALL these items (everything under the "Graphics Processor Configuration" Line) are greyed out and I cannot change them.

    I have a Leadtek 5900 non-ultra card. Does this procedure only work for 6-series Nvidia cards, or did I miss a step?
    (In addition, I could not find any line called "SW units mask" under the "Report Preview.")
  12. Chaos

    Chaos Well-Known Member

    Only works for 6200(NV43 core)/6800 cards and nothing else!

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