Cant make Windows Explorer show hidden files/folders

Discussion in 'Computer Software' started by Nikhil, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. Nikhil

    Nikhil Well-Known Member

    Well, I go to Folder options and click "Show hidden files and folders".

    BUt it is not shown. Irrespective of how many times I do it.

    I was attacked by the "orkut virus" some time back. The one which says "Use IE or else.."

    I stopped C:\heap41 from loading by going to startup and unchecking the box.

    But it is clear that the virus hasnt been cleaned completely.

    Also, I have NOD 32 and it scans my comp everyday. Hasnt found anything for the past 2-3 weeks. But this problem has been there for abt as long as that.

    Any help ?? Please.

    I use XP, BTW.
  2. Spacescreamer

    Spacescreamer Well-Known Member
    Section Mod

    not trying to hijack the thread .. bt my Folder Option is not there itself ..
    pls do post the reason and solution along wid nikhil's problem as well ..

    both problems are kinda related so jst added mine here.. if u feel like u can ask the mods to delete my post.. u hv my consent in this regard..
  3. OP

    Nikhil Well-Known Member

    Yes !! I am offended !! you are hijacking my thread !! You are a meanie !!

    Mods, delete his post and ban him right away !! He is a terrorist !! Hijacking my thread !!!!!!! :mad: :mad:

    lol..... j/k
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    Spacescreamer Well-Known Member
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    mods .. pls cater to his needs and help me out from being branded as a terrorist ..
    brrrr .. i am scared now that i offended nikhil ji ... oh lord gimme the strength to bear the bolts from him ..
  5. prash

    prash New Member


    I think the registry has been corrupted by the worm. Do the following:

    1. Copy following text into a notepad file

    and this one into one more notepad file

    Save both and change file extension from ".txt" to ".reg".

    2. Run them by double clicking and clicking yes , ok.

    Check whether the folder options is working properly now.

  6. zhopudey

    zhopudey Well-Known Member

    Can't you just see them, or are they completely inaccessible? If they just remain invisible, then why the hell do you want to change them?? They'll be brilliant for hiding prawn! ;)
  7. prash

    prash New Member


    here's a temporary solution for your problem. go to 'run' and run this command "Control Folders". it will show you folder options. will tell you what to do later.

  8. Shakensoul

    Shakensoul Well-Known Member

  9. prash

    prash New Member

    Here's the proper solution for spacescreamers problem::)

    Option one:

    1. Click Start - Run - type GPEDIT.MSC and press Enter key.
    2. Expand To:
    -User Configuration
    -Administrative Templates
    -Windows components
    -Windows explorer

    3. In the right-side pane, double-click the entry Remove the Folder Options
    menu item from the Tools menu. Set the value to "Not Configured".

    May require Log Off and Log in again.


    Option 2:

    1. Copy this into a text file

    2. Rename its extension from .txt to .vbs
    3. Run the file and log off .


    Tell how it went ....;)
  10. Ank1t

    Ank1t Well-Known Member

  11. OP

    Nikhil Well-Known Member

    what if I have already done that and now need to find the Prawn folder :rofl: :rofl:


    I need it to find the Local Settings folder which is hidden. Need to backup my firefox bookmarks. :p

    @prash --- Will try out that registry fix you recommended.
  12. OP

    Nikhil Well-Known Member

    @prash --- Didnt work :( :'(
  13. medpal

    medpal Resident Medic

    ok i found a solution after googling it.

    here it is and tell me if it is successfull or not.

    first boot in to the safe mode.
    go to windows search
    advance options set to search the hidden files and folders
    key word : svchost.exe
    it should point to a folder in c:\heap41b with following files
    [offspring], 2.mp3, Icon.ico, reproduce.txt, svchost.exe, drivelist.txt, script1.txt, std.txt and svchost.exe

    if you look at the files in it it may point to the registry keys
    now goto start > run > regedit

    locate : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\Folder\Hidden\SHOWALL
    in the “Checked all” key reset it back to 1 from 2

    Now delete the folder C:\heap41a and clear all the key entries from this registry entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\Explorer\Run which says heap41a

    reboot to normal mode and you should be able to change folder options to show hidden files.
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  14. Spacescreamer

    Spacescreamer Well-Known Member
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    @ Prash ..

    Hey thanks .. that was neat lil trick .. i think something went weird during installation .. mebbey thats y ..
    actually now i like the situation .. ;) keep ur stuff for urself only .. no frnds can poke their noses.. now i need :
    1) A permanent fix to this problem
    2) Get this problem BACK in a neatly installed windows :D
    @nikhil : Sorry again yaar :p
  15. medpal

    medpal Resident Medic

    @nikhil and spacescreamer can you please post your Hijackthis logfile here.

    it may also be able to track down the location of worm.

    while you attempt the removal switch off system restore temporarily, and empty out the temp folders and then rescan with anti virus anti spywares and anti malware progs.

    hijackthis is a system assessment program and also fixes some registry bugs.

    download link

    download it and save it to some folder in program files then run it and save a logfile (copy paste it or attach it here)
  16. OP

    Nikhil Well-Known Member

    I cant access that folder as it is hidden !! The temp folder i.e

    And what is hijackthis logfile ?
  17. medpal

    medpal Resident Medic

    in answer to your question i have mentioned a download link to hijackthis in earlier post by way of editing so you may use it.
  18. OP

    Nikhil Well-Known Member

    I did what you said Doc.

    Problem still not gone.
  19. DanDroiD

    DanDroiD New Member

    Perhaps you still have a virus/worm that is resetting these things after you reboot, try this piece of software to check and see if any unwanted programs are running, and hidden.

    F-Secure BlackLight

    I had a worm that was not showing up in anti-virus at all and was hidden, so I couldn't see it anywhere, this program helped me get rid of it. Also (only if you are happy with this choice) you can try turning off System restore on all drives temporarily, this will wipe out system restore data which is where a lot of these types of worms hide.... located in "System Volume Information"
    After you have turned off system restore, reboot and check again for virus using Blacklight and then anti-virus, reboot... and make sure you turn on System restore again, and make a fresh System restore point afterwards, so you will have a fresh restore point if you run into any problems.
  20. prash

    prash New Member

    Gosh, its going too far i think. Let me tell you the exact steps to remove that worm. That worm is called as w32.USBWorm

    Step 1:

    First you need to see all the running processes on your system, for that you need to press Alt+Ctrl+Del. This will launch 'Task Manager' then click on Process tab to see all the running processes. Then you need to manually search for 'svchost.exe' (you will find many, but you need to carefully select the one which is having 'User Name' as your Windows login name). After finding the process, right click on the process and click 'End Process Tree', and then click on OK. This will kill the running virus on your system.

    Step 2:

    To remove the worm completely from your computer, you need to remove Registry keys written by the worm first

    1. Go to Start ->Run, then type "regedit" (without quotes).

    2. You need to navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\ Folder\Hidden\SHOWALL, Double click "checkedvalue" And reset the “CheckedValue†key to 1. This is to show all the hidden folders and files.

    3. Then navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\Explorer\Run " and delete the "winlogon" key.
    This will stop the worm installing at the start up. This is the portion which makes the worm to start all by itself
    - Important
    Step 3:

    Now you need to search for the worm which is located on your harddisk.
    For that,
    1. Go to Start--> Search --> Files or folders --> All files and folders --> svchost.exe (use advanced search options and include hidden files and folders) and search in all drives.
    2. After getting the file, go one step up to the folder it is located in (its name will be generally Microsoft powerpoint) and delete the folder.
    Then run this app on your computer to avoid further attack of this worm. disinfectant.
    This will disinfect the flash drive actually and avoids further infection.

    It should work now, tell how it went...:)

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