Budget 5-10K Buying new smart phone upto 10K

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Which is your choice out of the following, give reasons when compared to others

  1. Lenovo Z2 plus (4GB + 64GB) (9.2K)

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  2. 10.orG (3GB + 32GB) (9K)

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  3. 10.orE (3GB + 32GB) (7K)

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  4. Asus Zenfone 3 (3GB + 32GB) (10K)

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  5. Honor 9 lite (Most expensive)

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  1. rohitshakti2

    rohitshakti2 Active Member

    1. Budget?
    A: INR 10k

    2. Preferred display size, type and resolution?
    A: 4.7"-5.5", Preferable gorilla

    3. Preferred operating system? (Android (with version), iOS, Windows Phone etc).
    A: Android Kitkat (7.1) and above

    4. Preferred connectivity options? (4G, 3G, 2G etc).
    A: 4G

    5. Do you have any brand preference or dislike? Please name them.
    A: No preference. Should have good service network

    6. What is your intended use for this phone (internet, camera, multimedia, mails etc.)?
    A: Good battery, Camera, internet 4G

    7. Single SIM/ Dual SIM?
    A: Yes

    8. New or Used? Online or Offline?
    A: New. Don’t mind buying online. Used can also go.

    9. Any other requirements?
    A: Need good battery backup, microSD card slot if internal storage should be more than 32GB. Else 16GB can also work.

    10. If you have already considered a phone, then please mention the model
    A: K3 Note

    Phones which I like: Lenovo Z2+, 10.orE & G (3GB varients), Asus zenfone 3 and Honor 9 lite (least liked by me)

    Which do you think is the best VFM phone out of the above? I will also be trying ROMs on the phone after the end of its warranty time.

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  2. vyral_143

    vyral_143 Jarvis
    Section Mod

    Why not any Xiaomi phone in list ?

    I would not recommend any phone from listed phones except Honor 9 Lite. Lenovo Z2 had QC issues. 10.or is too new brand. Asus Zenfone 3 was launched on Android 6.0; I doubt how good Android 7 update it would have received.

    If you are wondering about beating flash sales, I would suggest to go Vijay Sales way. They charge 500 extra but availability is assured.
  3. OP

    rohitshakti2 Active Member


    I hav'nt added any of Xiaomi phone in the list as none of the phones in this budget have a gorilla glass. Even though I liked Redmi 5 3GB version. Please give your views on the phone you like in this budget. Which one should I go with? The phone will be for my wife who is not much tech savy. She is using Lenovo K3 note since last 2 years+.
  4. OP

    rohitshakti2 Active Member

    Which phone out if the above or in the budget of 1K has the best camera and features?
  5. shaktiprabha

    shaktiprabha Active Member

    Which of the above or any other has the best camera phone?

    I was looking to buy zenfone 3 Gold or Black but can't find it anywhere online, even though white is available on amazon .in for 11.5K.

    Any idea from where can I buy it in Black or Gold online at the same prices?
  6. vivek.krishnan

    vivek.krishnan If you cant see the green dot, I'm offline :P

    If your wife is not tech savvy, then you should ideally give her a phone like the Redmi Note 4/5. I know of at least several people who have given to their mothers (including me) or given to their wives and they are very happy with the battery life and speed. Also opt for the 4GB/64GB model - this helps a long way.

    The Xiaomi phones do not have Gorilla Glass, but an equivalent Chinese alternative. Put a tempered glass and a nice case and it will be useful. Plus when you feel the phone is lagging, install a custom ROM.
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  7. rkkaranrk

    rkkaranrk Well-Known Member

    Not all, latest Xiaomi phones comes Gorrilla glass, A1, Redmi 5, Note 5.
  8. OP

    rohitshakti2 Active Member

    Thanks for the reply. My wife is not tech savvy but she needs a good camera. I have seen the camera of Redmi Note 4 and it clicks just OK type of shots whereas as per online reviews, no other camera matches the quality of clicks of ZF3 in this budget of 11K.

    Moreover, the camera can record 4K videos too and has most of the features which Redmi note has. We can certainly compromise on its battery but as per online reviews, the battery lasts for nearly 30 hrs on a single charge. As she will be using the phone for snaps, whatsapp, 4G only, I think ZF3 should work perfectly for her. Currently she is using K3 Note.

    So would prefer to buy ZF3 in Gold colour which I am trying to find in the amazon.in price of 11.5K. Amazon does'nt have gold colour currently.
  9. 6pack

    6pack Well-Known Member

    My Redmi Note 5 lasts 2.5 - 3 days on one charge even after watching videos for ~1-2 hrs every day. YT videos play in full hd. Screen default resolution is 2k.
    Did not test on 3/4G data. Only wifi. And not using auto brightness. It can record in 4k but price is over your budget of 10k. Its 11999 for the 4GB /64GB version.

    The only drawbacks I found was
    - sound quality is not that great as other phones
    - only 2GB ram is available for use. Rest is eaten up by MIUI and Google apps. No way to remove them. miui is like dragging the speed of he phone down imo. Also MIUI version is android 7.1.2 global rom with Feb 2018 update.

    I think the 3GB /32GB version is for 9999/-. And it has Gorilla glass and a good camera. You can use other camera apps like Open camera too.
  10. Abhijeet_pal

    Abhijeet_pal New Member

    Don't go for old sets.
    I will suggest to go for honor 9 lite.
    It takes really awesome pic it has dual camera in front and back also.
    Good battery backup.
    And its back panel looks super duper cool.

    Overall its a great deal!!

    PS - if you are buying this either from flipkart or Amazon would you mind buying from my affiliate link.
    I hope, I am not violating forum rules.
  11. chetansha

    chetansha Well-Known Member

    There is nothing wrong with buying "old sets"...
    You can look at eBay.in where you can find imported phones at very good prices. The lg g5 for example , you can buy it at 12_13k.
    I am a regular buyer and user of imported handsets.
    No I don't have any affiliate link.
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  12. Colatu

    Colatu Member

    As an option I recommend to pay attention to this smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X. It's a budget line of smartphones posessing excellent productivity, charateristics and comfort of usage.
  13. Abhijeet_pal

    Abhijeet_pal New Member

    He wants to go for zenfone.
    Not everyone likes Redmi, he is not much worried about performance.

    PS - I'm not a fan of MIUI :sweatsmile:
  14. OP

    rohitshakti2 Active Member

    I didn't liked the camera of redmi note 4. First preference is good camera.
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    I can go with the latest phones of their camera is good with good service centers.
  15. vyral_143

    vyral_143 Jarvis
    Section Mod

    @Superbad can give feedback for both Honor 9 Lite and Redmi Note 5 Pro. Camera on RN5 Pro is way better than previous generations - comparison was made with Redmi Note 3 (IIRC, RN4 also uses same module as that of RN3)
  16. var89

    var89 Well-Known Member

    Stay away from Lenovo Phones as far as possible. This is as per my experience with them. They develop snags very quickly, mine developed touchscreen issues in 3 months from purchase.
  17. skoka123

    skoka123 Well-Known Member

    I would strongly suggest Smartron phones. This company is based in Hyderabad. They release security updates almost every month. My wife (SRT Phone) and my daughter (T-Phone P). They are also quick in updating the android versions.

    SRT Phone released with Android 5.x It is now on 7.x. They promise at least 2 version upgrades. Another good thing about this company is that they pick up the customer care number in less than 10 seconds and very responsive. Definitely worth considering if it meets your requirements.
  18. OP

    rohitshakti2 Active Member

    Just have a look at this too.

  19. 6pack

    6pack Well-Known Member

    I don't know what to do looking at that list. I already just bought a Redmi Note 5.

    If you want me to pick one phone from there, then I will only buy the Moto G5S Plus because I was going to buy that phone instead of the RN 5. All the others - Huawei, Honor, Micromax, Lenovo, Oppo, etc I would stay away. My previous phone was a Honor and it never received any updates. At the rate at which new security flaws are coming out, its better to buy a phone which atleast gets security updates. On the RN5 I got 2 security updates since I bought the phone. Only Moto does security updates in that list. Not even Lenovo phones get updates as much as Moto phones.
  20. adventureguy

    adventureguy Well-Known Member

    ^ newer moto phones don't get updates that often now these days. lenovo completely destroyed the brand

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