Budget Tablet WITH ONE SIM SLOT (2G 3G SIM) strictly around 7K

Discussion in 'Mobiles and Tablets' started by technoPhobe9312, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. technoPhobe9312

    technoPhobe9312 New Member

    this is the first time I am buying an Android device

    someone please recommend me a Tablet around Rs.7000 which can be used as a cell phone as well.

    SIM slot is basically needed for affordable plans and I don't like those dongles attached with a tablet.

    please respond ASAP :)

    thank you.
  2. astrokidvaibhav

    astrokidvaibhav Technocrat

    If you can extend your budget then iberry auxus is the best buy available currently..
  3. blr_p

    blr_p Well-Known Member

    iBall Talk ?

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