Breaking Windows 98 Passwords!!!

Discussion in 'Computer Software' started by Genius, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. Genius

    Genius New Member

    1)when the computer boots keep pressing F8 until you get to a boot screen.

    2)Select boot in DOS.

    3)Get yourself into the windows folder by typing "cd windows" (without the "")

    4)next type "dir *.pwl". This will display the login password files.

    5)after you found out the one thats yours (or ne1 elses you want to get into) type del username.pwl

    6)Reboot the computer

    7)When you have to login, put in the username you deleted, and enter ne password you like.

    8)The computer will say sumthin like "No password. Would you like to use this one? Confirm?

    9)Put your password in, and voila!

    10) sit back and watch all the noobs try and open their windowz boxes with the wrong password!!!

    Well, Just working out for Xp passwords... Lets see if any geeks out there can help!!!
  2. SunnyBoi

    SunnyBoi Well-Known Member

    there is a software (forgot name, had version number 3.5 IIRC) which displays what password another user uses :eek:hyeah: even dialup ones!!!!
  3. Genius

    Genius New Member

    I'm wondering about nickels u have sunnyboi... How come 103.56???
  4. ~HeadShot~

    ~HeadShot~ Well-Known Member

    He isn't that crazy as u about nickels, Maybe.... :p
  5. Genius

    Genius New Member

    I m not crazy, man... I am asking about that 0.56 stuff!
  6. Hacker

    Hacker Well-Known Member

    Mod Edit: Please donot link to sites with Warez etc.

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