Brand new Epson TX121 problem - Help!

Discussion in 'PC Peripherals' started by drsingh, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. drsingh

    drsingh Active Member

    My Epson TX 121 arrived in the mail today.I installed all the software and hooked everything up.I need to scan some documents immediately.when i open Epson scan software on the pc i get the error

    'Cannot communicate with the scanner.
    Make sure the scanner is on,correctly set up and connected with no errors indicated.'

    I have not installed the ink cartridges.
    Epson owners or printer/scanner pros kindly help me out.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. NinByChoice

    NinByChoice Well-Known Member

    Re: Brand new Epson TX121 problem-Help!!!!!!!!!

    Unfortunately, need to install the ink cartridges. Quite retarded on part of Epson.
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  3. drsingh

    drsingh Active Member

    Re: Brand new Epson TX121 problem-Help!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks a lot for the quick reply.Sneaky B@$7@r@$! I have to have their ink cartridges in the printer to scan anything!!!!!!!
  4. Arjun

    Arjun Well-Known Member

    Re: Brand new Epson TX121 problem-Help!!!!!!!!!

    ^ Didnt you get free cartridges with the printer?
  5. drsingh

    drsingh Active Member

    Re: Brand new Epson TX121 problem-Help!!!!!!!!!

    I got the cartridges,but i wanted to install bigger cartridges without opening the vacuum seal of the free cartridges.The stupid thing is that I can't use the scanner without the ink!
  6. pradeep200417

    pradeep200417 Shunya

    Re: Brand new Epson TX121 problem-Help!!!!!!!!!

    Thats ridiculous. I had got Canon MP287 a few days back. It had the same issue. I had to install the cartridge for scanning too.
  7. Emperor

    Emperor Well-Known Member

    #drsingh how printer working? New Cartridge price any pros or cons, please post here on TE
  8. vantheman5211

    vantheman5211 Creator of fu*ktron

    ^ i own one.its actually very good for the price you pay.the cartridges do finish a lot faster if you have regular work,but you can easily get the refillable ink from ebay which is quite cheap.
  9. drsingh

    drsingh Active Member

    Hi guys.just saw this thread again.

    Well the black ink cartridge that came with the tx-121 is half empty! i took about 20 prints .i bought an extra black cartridge for 245 bucks from flipkart.

    scanning is perfect for my use.

    A lot of ink and time can be saved by using draft mode for gives light prints but usable if u just want a copy for general use.

    CISS system available for 1500 bucks in tjhe market.very economical prints.All photo labs in my city use it.but it is recommended for daily use,

    I use mine sparely about twice a week,so dont feel the need for a CISS right now.may get it in the future.

    Highly recommended at 2900 bucks.amazing VFM!

    local dealer gave me a lowest quote of 3400 bucks with bargaining,so flipkart price is a steal!
  10. Revolution

    Revolution Banned

    Can u print only with Black cartridge ?

    If other cartridge r removed.
  11. paarkhi

    paarkhi Well-Known Member

    No, You cannot print only with Balck Cartridge and removing other cartridges, You need to have all cartridges installed or else it will show error by blinking red light
  12. Revolution

    Revolution Banned

    Damn,then it not might be good printer for those who print most B&W.
  13. shashank2103

    shashank2103 New Member

    Does this printer require all cartridges to have ink to print just B&W or does it just requires them to be installed (other cartridges may be empty)??

    I am considering to buy Epson TX121 with CISS or refillable cartridge. One more question, does anybody know if i can refill the CISS/refillable cartridge myself.

    Thanks in advance!!

  14. drsingh

    drsingh Active Member

    I need help again! This time the paper feed mechanism has jammed..The paper gets pulled in from the intake roller side! how to troubleshoot? any links or pointers would be helpful! Google has been surprisingly unhelpful!!Thanks!Is it safe to open up the screws and look at the feed assembly more closely?

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