Boat rockerz 400 and boat rockerz 510

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  1. Lo Hatt

    Lo Hatt New Member

    Hello all, I'm looking at potential options for wireless headsets within 1-2k range with great bass and performance. The boat rockerz 400 and 510 models caught my eye and I'm really curious on whether they are worth the price. If any of you are you using/know someone who is using, your feedback would be much appreciated.
    P.s: I'm open to suggestions for any alternatives provided it's within the budget threshold.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Shubham1401

    Shubham1401 Well-Known Member

    I have used Boat Rockerz 400 for 3 months and I would recommend you to look somewhere else. Audio quality is strictly average and it sounds noticeably worse when used in wireless mode as compared to wired. My ears pain when I use it for anything more than 30 mins so comfort is also a weak point. Battery backup is near about 7-8 hours in medium volume.

    I have now given them to my brother and bought Mi Basic earphones for 399 instead.
  3. OP
    Lo Hatt

    Lo Hatt New Member

    Thanks Shubham. Any other recommendations. I'm looking for a wireless headset mainly within the same price range. Most of the other reviews for the 510 seem to be good. Thanks for your feedback on the 400 though, will definitely try and steer clear of that (most other user reviews seem to call out this issue too)

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