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  1. RakaKaKaka

    RakaKaKaka Well-Known Member

    Need a watch with following:

    1. Preferably under 10k
    2. All day heart rate monitor ( maybe every 10-30 seconds interval recording auto)
    4. Ability to tell time without clicking buttons. I dont want to even twist my wrist/ use voice/ any gesture. It shud tell time even on a dead body.
    5. 7 Day battery minimum. I hate charging anything.
    6. Not look like apple watch
    7. Safe brand as battery on wrist is risky. Phone we can throw if on fire, cant do watch easily.

    Whats my best option?
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  2. rkkaranrk

    rkkaranrk Well-Known Member

    1. There are nun (Atleast not the good ones) which are available under 10k specially smart watches.
    2. Most of them has.
    3.not all the model has this only apple latest model comes with it. (Not sure though)
    4. All the smart watches has this option as soon u twist your wrist the silly lits up.
    5. No watch has this thing.
    6. Sleep monitor, Now what is this ?

    Selling almost brand new Samsung Gear sports watch, Let me know if u r interested in buying it.
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  3. Niks

    Niks Well-Known Member

    Not under 10k, but Amazfit Stratos might be able to satisfy most of those requirements around 14k. I'm not sure there are many that do the BP monitoring at the moment though.

    Also, going by the battery and price requirement, I think you'll be more suited to a fitness watch/band with smart notification features rather than the other way around. I even find that a fitness band is easier to wear at night for sleep tracking, rather than a smart watch.
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  4. Julian

    Julian om nom nom

    Looks like a nice one. Why don't we have a dedicated smart watch thread/section yet?
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    It seems the Amazfit Stratos is big. Like REALLY big. Anyone on here using one?
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  5. Pat

    Pat Well-Known Member

    Look at Amazfit Bip. Except for BP monitoring, it does everything else and does it really well!
  6. OP

    RakaKaKaka Well-Known Member

    So basically technology hasnt evolved yet to fulfill my needs :((((

    Actually i dont want to even twist my wrist. It shud have always on display. All the time whether day or night like samsung galaxy phone i have.

    All i need is battery for 7 days for sure. Heart rate 100% now. And it should look decent and be from a decent brand so i dont look stupid paying 10k for some bad chinese crap that overheats and blasts on my wrist and handicapp me. No apple watch lookalike as well as that looks weird. What ur watch model and price?
  7. OP

    RakaKaKaka Well-Known Member

    Ok. Suppose i just want smart watch with heart rate and 7 day minimum battery and decent looks. What to get with these lowered expectations?
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    Looks bad and apple watch duplicate. Also seems to have poor reviews.
  8. Niks

    Niks Well-Known Member

    Have a look at Amazfit Pace. Or a fitness tracker like Fitbit Charge 2 or Garmin Vivosmart/Vivofit.

    There's not much you'll get at 10k though, from reputable brands. The Stratos would go down to 12.6K with the ongoing Axis discount.

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