Best Inverter AC in India? Edit: Bought Sharp AH-XP18MV (AC discontinued)

Discussion in 'Consumer Electronics' started by RishiGuru, Nov 6, 2012.

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  1. OP

    RishiGuru Active Member

    Congratulations for the purchase.

    Though I like to help my hands are tied. I got his contact and after several requests he accepted to do my home installation. He is not into home installations.

    After repeated query from different forums about his availability for home installations, I contacted him once more only to get the answer he is not interested and his contact should not be provided.

    Yesterday I called him again, now he is moving to Dubai since he used to work there as a professional AC installer for the last 20 years!!!

    Now I am at worry since who will look after my AC after a few years.

    Never knew this info. What was the price of the non-Inverter and its model no?

    What are Trane ACs and what are their advantage over Inverters. Please describe.
  2. mk76

    mk76 Well-Known Member

    Thanks @RishiGuru . Your review of XP18MV helped me zero in on that model . Although this time I had moderately searched for AC models, still I feel I picked up a good one.

    The AC is super silent, great cooling, jet streams are ... chilling. I run it at 23-25 and it still makes the room cool down very fast. And subsequently, lowers power consumption to sustain that. I have noticed the model maintains 0.6 KW to sustain 24 deg at min fan speed.

    The only pain point, remote is not backlit, nor the keys glow. Should have been provided, at least with top line model.
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  3. vvvinashhh

    vvvinashhh Active Member

    Ok ,not a problem ,but please make 5 point check that we should confirm when getting our AC installed by other installers.

    Mitsubishi Electric - 1.5 Ton 4 star , Current Input 1480 watts ,EER- 3.29,R410a, Model No. (In/Ou) MS-H18VA/MU-H18VA
    Price Rs 34500/36700 (Best/Worst) plus installation Rs 4000 =Rs 38500.

    Mitsubishi Heavy - Rs 33500 ,3Star ,1.5Ton ,other details unknown + 4K installation.

    Toshiba - Rs 52000 + Installation - Inverter ,1.5 Ton ,Details unknown ,the guy refused to part with brochure.

    I used to live in the middle east for some time ,The most AC sold in Saudi are Trane , General ,Daikin, Carrier, Mitsubishi. Hitachi has very very very less footprint there! Even LG has a better presence than Hitachi. Trane is a legend of a sort,extremely high quality and very well built,American. It is Trane who made the Aluminium thing successful or invented the Tech which made Aluminium more durable in ACs after GE left in the middle.Now Goodman another Trane Competitor has started using it too. Trane is present in India but not in Kolkata ,yesterday I received a call from them from Bangalore. Trane does massive airconditioning projects.
  4. vvvinashhh

    vvvinashhh Active Member

    DELIVERED !!!!

    Will get back soon with a review!

  5. OP

    RishiGuru Active Member

    Are their Inverter models also available here?
    I have seen Toshiba Inverters. Great if we knew your model. Why didn’t you opt for Toshiba Inverter? Was it due to its additional price of INR 11K over Sharp Inverters? Do they include free installation kit?
    You know vvvinashhh when I go through AC threads I find people post comments like:

    Hitachi makes best ACs or Daikin makes best ACs or General makes best ACs or Sharp makes best ACs or …… or ………

    Makes me laugh. There was and never will be a best AC company. All models of a singular company cannot be the market best offerings in their respective category. Same goes for cars, bikes, TVs, mobile phones etc.
    The line bodes quite well to Hitachi in India. They say: “Hitachi is a legend of a sort, extremely high quality and very well built, Japanese” (Pun intended)

    From what I could make out while going Trane's web pages they are a very respected company in industrial air conditioning business and are generally interested in huge projects. They definitely are a company that deserves utmost respect from all of us. American companies are generally known for high quality products and in being robust which lends to much higher lifespan.

    But Americans have never been the champions to squeeze out every last drop of fuel or electric energy to maximize overall efficiency. Almost in all cases Japanese technology tends to rule in these scenarios and I don’t know why, whether this is embedded in their lifestyle, they have this fine art of producing highest efficiency and have a knack towards microcosm.

    At late 60s and the early 70s when Honda and Toyota arrived in US, they produced cars which provided two times the mileage of the cars made my home grown manufacturers like GM and Ford. Fuel was cheap those days, people didn’t care much but as the fuel price went on rising Toyota, Honda and other Japanese companies took over the entire US auto industry by storm. In automobile history it is widely regarded as the Japanese automobile invasion. Since then the Honda Accord or the Toyota Camry have been the best selling cars in US.
    Well I went through their entire brochure and was not able to discover a single bit of aluminum used in their condensers or evaporators of their entire AC lineup. Trane AC’s use trapeziform copper tube condensers and not the canalicular tubed all alumunium as found in Sharp. I wonder if they invented it then why are not using it?
    Here are their 1.5 Ton Inverter specs:

    Trane INI-TSI18MS
    Cooling Capacity Range [kW]: (2 - 5.22 – 5.8)
    Cooling Capacity Range [BTU/Hr]: (6,800 - 17,800 - 19,800)
    Rated Cooling Capacity: 5.22 kW/ 17,800 BTU/Hr
    Rated Power Consumption: 1,460 watts
    Rated EER (W/W): 3.57
    Indoor Airflow Rate (CMM): 19
    Air Purifier: Enzyme Filter
    Refrigerant Gas: R410A
    IDU Weight: 12 kg
    ODU Weight: 46.5 kg
    MRP: INR 66K

    Here are the specs of Sharp 1.5 Ton Inverter:

    Sharp AH-XP18MV
    Cooling Capacity Range [kW]: (1.6 - 5.27 - 6)
    Cooling Capacity Range [BTU/Hr]: (5,460 - 18,000 - 20,500)
    Rated Cooling Capacity: 5.27 kW/ 18,000 BTU/Hr
    Rated Power Consumption: 1,440 watts
    Rated EER (W/W): 3.66
    Indoor Airflow Rate (CMM): 16.8
    Air Purifier: Plasmacluster
    Refrigerant Gas: R410A
    IDU Weight: 12 kg
    ODU Weight: 35 kg
    MRP: INR 50K

    Comparing the two in terms of cooling capacity and cooling performance it is a no brainer; the Sharp is ahead by a country mile. Sharp has a lower minimum cooling capacity ceiling than Trane while having higher rated capacity while the maximum capacity is higher too. EER rating is also higher for Sharp denoting better efficiency.

    Both use some sort of air purifier and R410A refrigerant gas. One advantage of Trane is its much higher indoor airflow rate of 19 CMM while the Sharp can cough up a max of 16.8. Trane must be using a more powerful indoor fan motor. Does the Trane have better built quality and durability over Sharp is one question I cannot answer. With a INR 16K higher price tag over Sharp they are unlikely to ever be a true VFM product.

    Thanks for letting us know about Trane.:)

    Note: This thread is garnering a lot of interest among forum members. And it is the duty of moderators to keep the thread clean and flowing as they are doing till now. Unrelated posts regarding buying air conditioner other than 1.5 Ton capacity should go into separate threads. Request moderators not to move posts from this thread that are related to 1.5 Ton Inverters air conditioners or are related to Inverter technology in general.
  6. SoulFire

    SoulFire Well-Known Member

    Thanks to this thread i managed to pick up the AH-XP13LV the better model at quite a steal from ezone Mumbai. Costed me about 31 all incl with installation after exchange which i feel is damn good, the lowest otherwise i could see this AC for was about 36.5
  7. vvvinashhh

    vvvinashhh Active Member

    Yeah Toshiba was expensive , installation was extra and was no where near the Sharps IDU build quality,for that matter apart from Mitsubishi Electrics Zen (mighty Expensive)no one has that superb looks and quality,honestly.Toshibas Specs also didnt quite impress me. Good to know that i didnt get the Trane over the Sharp. I had used Trane for 2 years in the middle east, had it working in temps of 45/50C in the afternoons.Never had a problem.
  8. vikas100_in

    vikas100_in New Member

    I ordered AH-XP18MV from Sergam Electronics at Delhi today for Rs 38K and get delivered within one hour only..........
  9. OP

    RishiGuru Active Member

    1.5 Ton Inverter air conditioners with R410A gas being supplemented with complete free installation kits are now available at INR 38K!!!

    It seems non-Inverters are going to be things of the past.
  10. buBleZ

    buBleZ Well-Known Member

    Wow.. Is this for this model AH-XP18MV which you bought for 41K?
  11. anu0512

    anu0512 Well-Known Member

    In my city dealer quoting 46k without installation and stabiliser.
  12. vvvinashhh

    vvvinashhh Active Member

    I have received the AC , Sharp AH-XP18MV today. All was okay until I opened the carton of the ODU. Everything is fine and looking spanking new except for a screw on the top of the grill over the fan on the ODU is loose and came out as soon as I removed the carton!!! Is it something I should report to the or I mean mail about to Sharp customer Care? Is it a major problem. The Unit is packed and imported in MArch 2013.

    I mailed Sharp and within or less than an hour they replied back and Mr. Barun Dey the regional service head for Bengal had a word with me.He immidiately sent someone over for inspection!!!Within the next hour the techie was at my place! Wow thats "Legendry" service.The technician came from from Sharp He came inspected and said the piece is spanking new with no Tampering what so ever. The loose screw must be because of Transit or because ,after receiving the ACs in India they inspect them in the ware house (and someone might have left the screw loose after inspection) and only then they send it to the Dealers. He said not to worry everything is fine. He told me to use the AC for 7 days and if anything is at fault ,I will be replaced with a new one

    Today Morning they sent two novices for instalation. They came without vaccum pump and pressure gauge and iron angles sa stands. When I asked them about the equipment they said ,not a problem they can install it just like that. They came from Rippon Street!!! I called up Sharp and mentioned the apathy. They (Sharp} asked me to send them back and Sharp contacted the installers office to send someone over with experience. These novices upon prodding admitted they never ever installed an inverter AC before!!! Now this something Sharp should seriously look in to. If I hadnt had the knowledge about vacuum pumps they would have fitted the AC just like that.But Yes upon calling Sharp again (Mr Swapan} he did help me out,he called up the service center spoke to them and then they sent some one over with proper kit to install the AC.

    All this while I was in consultation with Rishi.Thanks Rishi,really.If you ask me about Sharps service I would say it better than any any damn company or brand. Im floored.Ill recommend Sharp to any and everyone.

    Sharp AH-XP18MV - Rs 41000
    Installation - Rs 1500
    Godrej ODU L Stand - Rs 950
    Copper Pipe Insulation Tape over the sponge - Rs250 for 12 feet

    Now the AC is installed up and running and chilling the room which is over 266 sqft and below the roof! Its awesome to look at and any AC in front of it looks plain pedestrian. I already own 3 Hitachis ,2 Carriers and a normal Sharp and now this Inverter based AH -XP18MV. The best is thing with the Inverter AC is that the actual chill of the air coming from the AC changes with the change of the Temperature ,it dosnt blact full chill air no matter what Temps you set like normal AC to bring the Temps down.25C Air from the AC feels 25 C and 16C feels 16C.At the moment Im doing 25C at 0.6/0.4 Kw !!! The ODU is so silent that you would be fooled in to thinking that it is off!!! The indoor unit with fan speed at low is dead silent too,silent than all the Hitachis and Carriers I have.Amazing.

    Now since evening no matter what even if I set the temps at 16C and Jet Cool im not reaching 2.1Kw, 1.7Kw is the best I have reached till now. Rishi could you eplain this,why?
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    It is because Delhi being a Union Territory the VAT and Excise is lesser than other Metros.
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  13. Crazy_Eddy

    Crazy_Eddy Well-Known Member
    Super Mod

    1.5T Inverters use 1.4~1.5KW at rated compressor cooling capacity i.e. 5.27KW cooling capacity in your case (hence 5.27/1.44 = 3.66 EER). At over-capacity (6KW for your sharp), they may go up to 1.7~1.8KW max. I don't think it would go up to 2.1KW since that would drop the EER to a very low 2.86.
  14. OP

    RishiGuru Active Member

    Honestly I do not know why. In my case it has never exceeded the 1.5 kW energy consumption figure. The entire orchestra (air conditioner) is controlled by its coordinator (micro computer module) which decides the optimum levels at which compressor will run to reach the targeted temperature. I expect during summer months of June and July the figures may rise a little bit higher.

    The rated cooling capacity of your Sharp in 5.27 kw, while its rated cooling performance is 3.66 (EER).

    So rated energy consumption is 5.27 / 3.66 = 1.44kw

    It has max cooling capacity of 6 kW. Under full load condition you have seen a best energy consumption figure of 1.7 kW.

    EER at max cooling capacity = 6/1.7 = 3.5

    The figures seems ok to me. No need to worry and just enjoy.

    And post some pics if you can.:)
  15. vvvinashhh

    vvvinashhh Active Member

    Thanks you Eddy and Rishi. Doubts cleared.

    This AC ,Sharp AH-XP18MV reeks quality from any point you look at it. From wires to coper pipe thickness to IDU build quality to ODU build quality.Im very happy for what I got for the price I paid.Had it been a Daikin or Hitachi,honestly those buggers would have priced it Rs 60K.

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  16. The_Falcon

    The_Falcon Active Member

    vvvinashhh , RishiGuru

    Now that you guys have the inverters ACs up and running, it would nice to know how much difference it reflects in your monthly electricity bill. If you coud post those figures it did be great!
  17. laugh

    laugh Active Member

  18. OP

    RishiGuru Active Member

    Last month electric bill is yet to arrive!!! Anyway below are two post where you can have an idea regarding the amount of energy saving done by Sharp AH-XP18MV over non-Inverters.



    Hope this helps.:)
  19. ag2013

    ag2013 New Member

    vvvinashhh, RishiGuru

    I am planning to buy an inverter AC and have zeroed down on the Sharp AH -XP18MV. I checked with a dealer and he's quoting about 43K + 2500 INR for installation. I stay in Kolkata. If you could let me know the dealer from whom you purchased it would be great. Thanks.
  20. TheIndian

    TheIndian Well-Known Member

    I am curious about this pic, specifically the area where the power cable enters the Unit, the panel looks like it has been cut with an hacksaw, and the panel itself has not been closed properly. I would guess the the stubs sticking out, should be on the inside rather than the outside, and why was the panel cut on site?
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