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Discussion in 'Gaming and Consoles' started by DigitalDude, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. DigitalDude

    DigitalDude Well-Known Member


    Battlefield V follows Call of Duty back to World War II this year


    Some rumours and speculations have already been out for Battlefield game that will come out late this year. A 2018 release for a Battlefield game is confirmed by EA. So starting a thread to keep track of them. Will add more info as and when they are leaked/revealed.

    New Battlefield Game Releasing in 2018, EA Confirms

    Developer: EA Digital Illusions CE
    Publisher: Electronic Arts
    Series: Battlefield
    Engine: Frostbite
    Platform: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
    Release date: Late 2018
    Genre: First-person shooter

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  2. Jc36

    Jc36 Well-Known Member

    Heard they are going back to WWII? Any news?
  3. TheGreatOne

    TheGreatOne Banned

    Rs3500 for another shitty world war setting and no Singapore servers. Another Rs3000 if you want to play on premium servers and stay relevant.
    Why do people still buy this game?
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  4. OP

    DigitalDude Well-Known Member

    well that looks like the logical thing to do, but since that is the logical thing to do they might do something else which leaves us at modern or a futuristic shooter,
    their modern one (BF4) is still holding it's turf pretty well, so might well also be a futuristic shooter but many clues point to a WWII.
    it's all just the usual speculation and no one has revealed anything concrete yet.

    personally no interest for me in BF1. didn't buy it. also not much interest in a WWII title.
    might be a little interested with a futuristic shooter but most probably it isn't. so will just stick with BF4 for now.
  5. Jc36

    Jc36 Well-Known Member

    BF4 is still great among all other BFCOD games. Tried BF1 from EA Access, didn't quite like it. It looks amazing, but didn't feel very fun. Let's see where this one goes.
  6. Jc36

    Jc36 Well-Known Member

    Official trailer

  7. krugur

    krugur Gaming Freak

    Same here. BF3 and BF$ are still amazing. BF1 was a bit lackluster. Was really hoping they will go back to a bit more modern setting for this one.
  8. TheGreatOne

    TheGreatOne Banned

    Clearly they focused on 4hr single player and multiplayer will be bf1 rehash with sightly better graphics.
    I also saw that they ditched AMD after more than decade of partnership and now Nvidia will be gimping it.
  9. hellblazer33

    hellblazer33 Member

    not much very hyped for this trailer doesnt look promising
  10. OP

    DigitalDude Well-Known Member

    I just give up. will check out after it actually launches.
  11. krugur

    krugur Gaming Freak

    Source : VG247
    This is interesting
  12. quan chi

    quan chi Well-Known Member

    Battlefield bad company 2 is still superior to all the other nonsense which came after it. I completed & played BF 3 twice (both on pc and console) thus I will say BF 3 was also not bad. No wonder this game also looks like COD trying to cash grab.EA has run out of ideas they only want to earn profits.
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  13. adder

    adder Well-Known Member

    For me BF3/bf4 was ruined by all those game cheaters/bot/hackers. Didn't bother with battlefield one, sure as hell won't bother with bf5.

    Some of the jet players who I though have better skills, where all infact cheats. I watched a guy who dog fighted me and I watched again in a third person view of ongoing dog fight and his turns just are way way tighter, thats impossible . Some of the honest players I can kill or get killedonly after fatigue due to several seconds or few minutes of loops.
    Atleast once a week I see a guys who does headshot to all players, the moment they spawn as soldier or in a jet/heli, you are safe only when you spawn in a tank or ifv.
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  14. MrRIG

    MrRIG Well-Known Member

    If anyone willing to sell Battlefield 1 please PM me. How do you sell?
  15. TheGreatOne

    TheGreatOne Banned

    Just get origin access for a month.
  16. MrRIG

    MrRIG Well-Known Member

    Can't play more than 10 to 15 minutes each day max.
  17. TheGreatOne

    TheGreatOne Banned

    still better than paying 2500.

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