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Discussion in 'Gaming and Consoles' started by XTechManiac, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. XTechManiac

    XTechManiac Active Member

    Okay guys, here are some soundtracks that I really enjoyed listening to while playing some of my favourite games. Post yours. :)

    Game: Prince of Persia Warrior Within

    SoundTrack: I Stand Alone

    Game: Super Meat Boy

    SoundTrack: C.H.A.D.'s Broken Wind

    Game: Assassin's Creed 2

    SoundTrack: Ezios Family

    Game: Silent Hill

    SoundTrack: Homecoming

    Game: Red Dead Redemption

    SoundTrack: Far Away

    Thats all for the moment, will add some more later.
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  2. damn

    damn Well-Known Member

    Mass Effect 2 - Jack Wall ; Suicide Mission, ending segment of Samara's theme gave me goosebumps.

    Assassin's Creed 2 - Jesper Kyd

    Fallout - Inon Zur

    Dawn of War - Doyle W. Donehoo ; For the Craftworld, Primarch's Honor

    Modern Warfare 2 - Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe ; Exodus left me speechless

    Crysis - Peter Antovski

    Halo Reach - Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori
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  3. dinjo

    dinjo Hell Yeah[Born Critic]

    AC Brotherhood

    Mirrors Edge

    Fable III

    Alan Wake

    Heavy Rain
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  4. Ethan_Hunt

    Ethan_Hunt Secret Agent Man

    Make way for moi list:

    Devil's Never Cry - DMC 3 OST


    Sibling Showdown - DMC 3 OST


    Nelo Angelo Battle - DMC OST


    Dues Ex Invisible War Main Theme - Dues Ex IW OST


    Bionic Commando Main Theme - Bionic Commando OST


    Bionic Commando Piano Theme - Bionic Commando OST


    Still Alive - Mirror's Edge OST


    Kane's Family Portrait - Kane & Lynch Dead Men OST


    Boomerang Music - Cabala (AC II Ezio's Destiny Trailer track)


    Limelight - Perfect Dark Zero OST


    Junkie XL Colossus Remix - God of War II OST


    Heavy Rain Main Theme - Heavy Rain OST


    The Tower of Dawn - Prince of Persia Sands of Time OST

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  5. HellSlyne

    HellSlyne Active Member

    Top three in my mind...

    Red Faction: Guerilla - Main theme


    Doom 3 Theme

    Race Driver Grid Opening Theme
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  6. jc36lect3r

    jc36lect3r Well-Known Member

    Here's my list :

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  7. sid1712

    sid1712 Cookies, mmm...

    I've only played a few games but these are what i'd go with -

    Still Alive - Mirror's Edge

    Hit The Wall - Iron Man 2

    And Ever We Fight On - Killzone 3

    Late Goodbye - Max Payne 2

    I Stand Alone - Prince of Persia : Warrior Within

    Wonder - FIFA 11
  8. Sudarshan_SMD

    Sudarshan_SMD Well-Known Member

    NFS Most Wanted- my favourite when it comes to sound tracks.

    PES 2011- Has worst sound tracks. :/ . I play this game most of the times with my friends and I have to keep listening to those boring tracks.
  9. Bluffmaster

    Bluffmaster Well-Known Member

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  10. OP

    XTechManiac Active Member

    Awesome lists! Many queued to listen next. Reps on the way! :p

    Teh best.

    Some of the best from the past that I can remember:-

    Game: Call of Duty

    SoundTrack: Red Square Theme


    How can we forget Maxpayne 2?!!

    Game: Maxpayne 2

    SoundTrack: The Late Goodbye


    SoundTrack: The "mind-blowing" theme

  11. Bluffmaster

    Bluffmaster Well-Known Member

    Nostalgia. Nice Thread. :)
  12. OP

    XTechManiac Active Member

    Hyper We Control?

  13. HailStonE

    HailStonE Well-Known Member

    Sin Episodes: Emergence {What's the world come to}

  14. whatsinaname

    whatsinaname Well-Known Member

    Here's my list

    Shadow of the Colossus

    Machinarium (The song below is from the Bonus EP. The LP and the EP are brilliant)

    Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

    Halo OST

    Neotokyo OST

    Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves

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  15. OP

    XTechManiac Active Member

    Yup, brilliant. This is my fav: Mr. Handagote

    Nice list btw.

    --- Updated Post - Automerged ---

    Thanks. :)

    No Tomb Raider soundtrack fans here? Hmm.
  16. ragzdiablo

    ragzdiablo Well-Known Member

    All the tracks from NFS Underground 2...

    specially riders on the storm and black betty..:)
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  17. OP

    XTechManiac Active Member

    Riders on the storm - Re-plugging after 2004. Nostalgic. This song is classic...

    Another one which I like is Chingy - I do:-

    NFS:UG2 and NFS:MW are the best NFS game. Ever.
  18. chiron

    chiron Well-Known Member

  19. OP

    XTechManiac Active Member

    And it got sticked! Thanks Renegade! :)

    Best track of Batman:Arkham Asylum game:-

    Awesome gameplay+awesome soundtracks makes this game deadly..
  20. RD274

    RD274 I.can.edit.this?omg

    One of my all time favourites-

    Anyone remember which map this song played on? :p

    Also this -
    Pitchshifter - Genius
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